Claudia.js command line usage

Deploy a Node.JS project to AWS as a lambda microservice, optionally updating APIs/event hooks.


claudia [command] {OPTIONS}

Supported commands

  • create Create the initial lambda function and related security role.
  • update Deploy a new version of the Lambda function using project files, update any associated web APIs
  • set-version Create or update a lambda alias/api stage to point to the latest deployed version
  • add-s3-event-source Add a notification event to Lambda when a file is added to a S3 bucket, and set up access permissions
  • add-iot-topic-rule Creates an IOT topic rule and configures the Lambda to run when a message is published on a matching IOT Gateway topic
  • add-sns-event-source Add a notification event to Lambda when a message is published on a SNS topic
  • add-scheduled-event Add a recurring notification event
  • test-lambda Execute the lambda function and print out the response
  • destroy Undeploy the lambda function and destroy the API and security roles
  • generate-serverless-express-proxy Create a lambda proxy API wrapper for an express app using aws-serverless-express


  • --help print this help screen
  • --version print out the current version
  • --quiet suppress output when executing commands
  • --profile set AWS credentials profile
  • --aws-client-timeout The number of milliseconds to wait before connection time out on AWS SDK Client. Defaults to two minutes (120000)

Run with a command name to see options of a specific command, for example:

claudia create --help