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Simple chat-bot example

This chat-bot shows how to receive and respond with simple text messages, using the same code for all four supported platforms.

Try live

Add to Slack

Setting up your own copy

Use npm run create to set up the initial installation, then use:

  • npm run configure-slack to set up Slack slash command configuration. Follow the instructions from Slack API Docs to set up an app with a slash command, then Create a Slack Button so people can add your app to their channels
  • npm run configure-facebook to set up the Facebook messenger integration. Follow the instructions from the Facebook Messenger Getting Started guide, then submit the app for App Review so the others can interact with it
  • npm run configure-skype to set up Skype integration. Create an application and an application password at the Microsoft App Portal, and enter into Claudia when asked. Then create a bot at the Skype Bot Developer Page, tick 'Send and receive messages and content in 1:1 chat', and enter the webhook URL printed by the Claudia installer
  • npm run configure-telegram to set up the Telegram integration


This bot collects no private information

License and Terms of Service