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SVG to PDF S3 Lambda converter

Lambda function that waits for SVG files uploaded to S3, converts them to PDF using rsvg-convert (librsvg and cairo) and uploads back to S3.

This example shows how to wire up S3 file conversion that runs an external processor, in this case rsvg-convert. This example project uses a Lambda Layer (arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:145266761615:layer:rsvg-convert:2) containing the pre-built binary version of rsvg-convert for AWS Lambda.


  • create a S3 bucket for file uploads

Setting up the converter

  1. run npm install to fetch the dependencies
  2. run npm start to deploy the initial lambda version
  3. modify the package.json connect script to use your bucket name
  4. run npm run connect to configure your S3 bucket to invoke the lambda function when a new file is uploaded to the /in directory

Try it out

Once you've installed everything, send a test SVG file to your bucket using the S3 console, or the AWS CLI tools. The command lines below assume the bucket is called test-svg-bucket, so adjust the commands for your bucket name accordingly.

aws s3 cp example.svg s3://test-svg-bucket/in/example.svg

Wait a few seconds, and then check if the /out folder of your S3 bucket

aws s3 ls s3://test-svg-bucket/out/

Download the file with the same base name, but the pdf extension, from the /out folder:

aws s3 cp s3://test-svg-bucket/out/example.pdf .