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Cisco Password Encryptor/Decryptor
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A Ruby-based implementation of a Cisco Type-7 Password Encryptor/Decryptor

Key Benefits

  • Written in Ruby - First and only Cisco Type-7 implementation in Ruby that I know of.
  • Minimal/No Dependancies - Uses native Ruby to do it's work, no heavy dependancies.
  • Not Just a Script - Implementation is portable for use in another project or for automation of tasks.
  • Simple - It is a small project so the interfaces are simple and easy to use.
  • Encrypt & Decrypt - Supports both encryption (with seed control) and decryption operations.


To install, type

gem install c7decrypt

To install w/ "HighSecurity", type

gem cert --add <(curl -Ls
gem install c7decrypt -P HighSecurity

Example Command-Line Usage

Run c7decrypt -h to get this

Usage: c7decrypt [option] [hash/file]
    -s, --string [HASH]              A single encrypted hash string
    -f, --file [FILE]                A file containing multiple hashes
    -h, --help                       Show this message

Example: c7decrypt -s 04480E051A33490E
Example: c7decrypt -f config.txt

Example Library Usage(s)

To use, just require

require 'c7decrypt'

Decrypt Cisco Type-7 Password

>> C7Decrypt::Type7.decrypt("060506324F41")
=> "cisco"

Encrypt Cisco Type-7 Password

>> C7Decrypt::Type7.encrypt("cisco")
=> "02050D480809"

Encrypt Cisco Type-5 Password

>> C7Decrypt::Type5.encrypt("cisco")
=> "$1$CQk2$d62sxZKKAp7PHXWq4mOPF."

Rubies Supported

This project is integrated with travis-ci and is regularly tested to work with the rubies defined here.

To checkout the current build status for these rubies, click here.


If you are interested in contributing to this project, please see


Sources of Inspiration for C7Decrypt

  • Daren Matthew - For his blog post on the subject aggregating tools and sources that perform the decryption/decoding logic.
  • m00nie - For the blog post on the subject, the source code of and it's encryption techniques.
  • Roger Nesbitt (mogest) - For the unix-crypt Ruby library that demonstrates Unix MD5 hashing schemes.

Application(s) that use C7Decrypt

  • Marcus J Carey - For his web application implementation of this on the ThreatAgent website. Check it out and start decrypting Cisco type-7 passwords right now.
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