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FFExp.php - A friendfeed exporter script - Version 1.5 (2015-03-12)

Created by Claudio Cicali - <>
Released under the MIT license

This script attempts to download your Friendfeed stream.

The output is a JSON formatted file the you could use as an input for other programs.
The stream is composed of a list of "entry" (your posts). Each entry has the list of comments and likes attached.

Run it like "php ffexp.php my_ff_stream.json"

If the my_ff_stream.json (or whatever name you choose) file already exists,
it will be used to know the latest entry already fetched and break the download 
as soon as it will be reached (sort of incremental backup). Side effect: should 
some comments or likes have been added to already fetched entries, they will NOT
be read (comments and likes travel with the parent entry - as a whole).
You always need a FULL export to be sure to have, well, the FULL and updated export :)

The script will also download the images and the files that could have
been attached to each post (already downloaded assets will not be downloaded again).

The first lines of this scripts contain some basic configuration
options, like your Friendfeed username, the remote_key (if your stream is
private) and the directory where the images and files will be downloaded into.

You'll be notified every 100 posts, and every file or image downloaded

Images and files are saved using a naming convention that could subsequently
help on rebuilding the post <-> attachments relationship. Each image has
an "i_" prefix, a "t_" for the thumbnails and an "f_" for the files. 
After the prefix, the entry unique identifier is added (it's something like
an hash). For files, the original file name is added too.


* Blog post with addition info:
* Friendfeed thread about this release:
* How to for Windows users (in italian from Andrea Beggi):
* Friendfeed API documentation See

Limits and bugs:

Exporting filter/discussion (Entries the authenticated user has commented 
on or liked) and filter/direct (direct messages) seems not to work.

When you'll have the JSON export file you can use ffexp2html to render it as HTML

For the script ChangeLog look at the bottom of the file itself