This project is a spring webflux based application demonstrating the capabilities of this module.
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WebFlux in Practice

This project intent to be a simple example of WebFlux, the new module added in Spring 5.

Instructions (before to start application)

After you start the database, you should execute the scripts located in resources in the following order:

  • keyspace.cql
  • user-ddl.cql

Start the Application

The application has built with Spring Boot, the entrypoint of application is WebFluxApplication Also you have to define two environment variables:

  • CASSANDRA_HOST: the host where cassandra is running
  • CASSANDRA_PORT: the port whew cassandra is listening


The project is built with Maven 3 and Java 8, so you need JDK >=1.8 and a reasonable version of maven installed on your computer.

Also we have used docker container to start the cassandra database.