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ScriptLogger PowerShell Module

PowerShell Module to provide logging capabilities for PowerShell controller scripts.


With the ScriptLogger module, you are able to log error, warning, informational and verbose messages into log files, the Windows event log and the current console host. You can start and stop the logger as required. Works great in cooperation with the ScriptConfig module to improve controller scripts.


  • Start-ScriptLogger
    Start the script logger in the active PowerShell session.

  • Stop-ScriptLogger
    Stop the script logger in the active PowerShell session.

  • Set-ScriptLogger
    Update the script logger log configuration.

  • Get-ScriptLogger
    Get the active script logger object.

  • Write-VerboseLog
    Log a verbose message.

  • Write-InformationLog
    Log an information message.

  • Write-WarningLog
    Log a warning message.

  • Write-ErrorLog
    Log an error message.


The following example show two options how to start the script logger, the logger management and how to log the log messages.

# Initialize the logger with default values

# Second options, specify multiple custom settings for the logger
Start-ScriptLogger -Path 'C:\Temp\test.log' -Format '{0:yyyy-MM-dd}   {0:HH:mm:ss}   {1}   {2}   {3,-11}   {4}' -Level Warning -Encoding 'UTF8' -NoEventLog -NoConsoleOutput

# Start a second script logger with a dedicated name. The default script logger
# is always named 'Default'
Start-ScriptLogger -Name 'Logger2' -Path 'C:\Temp\test2.log'

# Get the current script logger configuration object

# Update the script logger configuration
Set-ScriptLogger -Level Verbose

# Log an error record
try { 0 / 0 } catch { Write-ErrorLog -ErrorRecord $_ }

# Log an error message
Write-ErrorLog -Message 'My Error Message'

# Log a warning massage
Write-WarningLog -Message 'My Warning Message'

# Log an information message
Write-InformationLog -Message 'My Information Message'

# Log a verbose message
Write-VerboseLog -Message 'My Verbose Message'

# Write a log message into the log 2
Write-InformationLog -Name 'Logger2' -Message 'My Information Message in Log 2'

# Disable the logger


Please find all versions in the GitHub Releases section and the release notes in the file.


Use the following command to install the module from the PowerShell Gallery, if the PackageManagement and PowerShellGet modules are available:

# Download and install the module
Install-Module -Name 'ScriptLogger'

Alternatively, download the latest release from GitHub and install the module manually on your local system:

  1. Download the latest release from GitHub as a ZIP file: GitHub Releases
  2. Extract the module and install it: Installing a PowerShell Module


The following minimum requirements are necessary to use this module, or in other words are used to test this module:

  • Windows PowerShell 3.0
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7


Please feel free to contribute by opening new issues or providing pull requests. For the best development experience, open this project as a folder in Visual Studio Code and ensure that the PowerShell extension is installed.


PowerShell Module to provide logging capabilities for PowerShell controller scripts.




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