Source code of the sound150@claudiux applet for Cinnamon. Please use this repo to offer .po files for translations.
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Sound 150%


This sound150@claudiux applet is an improvement of the applet.

An option allows you to control the volume up to 150% of its nominal value.

The icon and the slider are coloured according to the volume when it is greater than 100%.

A mark on sliders signals the '100%' position of volume.

From 0 to 100%: standard icons.

sound_150_079 sound_150_100

From 101 to 115%: yellow icon.


From 116 to 130%: orange icon.


From 131 to 150%: red icon.


Note that the icons are those of the system.

An option in settings allows you to don't display colors.


  • In the settings (accessed by right-clicking on the icon), the Maximum volume control option sets the percentage of nominal volume you want to limit the maximum volume. Possible values are between 30% and 150%.


Use with caution. Above 120%, saturation can make the sound very unpleasant, even agressive.

In a meeting room or classroom, it is often useful to be able to increase the volume beyond 100%.

On the computer of a child, reduce the maximum volume possible to take care of his hearing... and yours!

  • You can also choose the value of incrementation/decrementation (+/-) of the volume (in % of nominal volume).

  • If you don't want colors, an option allows you to keep the standard color.

Cinnamon versions

Tested successfully on Cinnamon v2.8 to v3.6 (Linux Mint 17.3 to 18.3).

Seems to be ready for Cinnamon 3.8 (LinuxMint 19). Thanks to @jaszhix !

Does not work on Cinnamon prior to v2.8 (Linux Mint 17 to 17.2).


Tested on themes :

  • Cinnamon
  • Carta
  • CBlack
  • Graphite-Zero
  • Linux Mint
  • Mint-X (all themes)
  • Mint-Y and Mint-Y-Dark
  • Modern-Mint-2017
  • New-Minty
  • Numix-Cinnamon and Numix-Cinnamon-Transparent
  • Spider-Void
  • Void
  • Zukitwo-Cinnamon


The Sound 150% applet is designed to allow translations of some messages (initially in English). A .pot template file is available, you can use it with software such as poedit to translate these messages.

The installation of the available languages is done automatically.

Languages already available: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian (thanks to @sem5959!).

Any new translation will be wellcomed.

How to contribute

  • Create an account on Github.
  • Fork the repository of linuxmint/Cinnamon-spices-applet :
  • In your repository, create a new branch from the master branch, which you name explicitly (example: sound150_de_translation if you want to propose a de.po file for the German translation).
  • On your computer:
    • Install git:
      • apt install git
    • Create the git directory:
      • mkdir ~/git
    • Place you into this git directory:
      • cd ~/git
    • Clone your branch, using the Clone or Download button on Github to obtain the right link ; by example:
      • git clone -b sound150_de_translation --single-branch sound150_de_translation
    • Modify or create some files, in the sound150_de_translation just created directory. You can, by example, create the de.po file with the poedit software and the sound150@claudiux.pot file, in the sound150_de_translation/sound150@claudiux/files/sound150@claudiux/po/ directory.
    • The command git status tells you which files to add to your branch.
    • Add them: git add PATH_TO_FILE1 PATH_TO_FILE2 (and so on).
    • The command git status tells you which files will be added to your branch.
    • Make a commit: git commit -m "Add new file de.po for German translation" (by example)
    • Push it onto your Github: git push origin sound150_de_translation (Enter your Github username and password.)
  • Now, on Github, you can make a Pull Request, using the button that just appeared.

Thank you!