Mosquitto frontend for Mopidy
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This is a bridge between mopidy and a mosquitto server.

States where send out to mosquitto.

Mopidy listens on control commands.

Intention is an easy integration into home automation programs like openhab.

Therefore you can:
  • Start/Stop/Pause playback
  • Play playlist
Therfore you can't:
  • Edit/Modify playlists/tracklist

Last but not least there is one message which you can use to keep your speaker turned on - it is send in an aquidistant interval like a heartbeat.

Please, execuse me if I go not so deep into details but this extension is still under development and some things may change...

Nevertheless you can try it ! Look at the license.

So long - hope it helps you!

Running on Ubuntu

Get it

git clone

cd mopidy-mqFrontend

sudo service mopidy stop

sudo python install


Edit section mqfrontend in mopidy.conf according to your settings with:

> sudo vi /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf

For exact parameter description see: [Parameters.txt](docs/parameters.txt) or run:

#import mopidy_mqFrontend.configdefinition


print a


sudo service mopidy restart

If you did everything well you can test if everything works fine. (Assuming that most of the settings are defaults)

Receiving messages from mopidy:

mosquitto_sub -v --topic mopidy/#

Sending commands:

mosquitto_pub -v -m "play" -t mopidy/control


I changed the structure drastically. Instead of owning I turned to inheritance. So:

Extension produces:

-> ControlSubscriber
-> Statuspublisher
-> MosquittoClientBase
-> pykka.ThreadingActor

Project resources