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  • put the two files OO_latex.scpt and into ~/Library/Scripts/OmniOutliner
  • then you can access the script from the script icon in the menubar
  • to call the script, I use QuickSilver, as described here

This script does:

  • gets content of note of selected row this should be a latex - math command
  • passes the string of this content to a python script that generates a pdf of the latex string
  • pastes a pdf of your latex string at the end of the selected row (not the note, the note stays there, found to be useful for future reference)

Screenshot of OmniOutliner with equations in the rows and the corresponding latex equations in the notes.

This script requires

  • a valid pdflatex installation, which is in the PATH variable set in ~/.bash_profile
  • python with packages sys, os, datetime, time
  • pdfcrop
  • ghostscript (for Yosemite see here)


  • 20160616: the current version works with TexLive 2016;
    • see related discussion on apple.stackexchange;
    • depending where pdflatex and pdfcrop are located, you might need to change things in ~/.bash_profile
    • depending on where pdfcrop resides or where it looks for dependencies, you might have to adapt its options (f.ex. to point to pdftex)


This script was possible with the help of these forum posts