create an overview map of different analysis maps showing atmospheric pressure over central/western Europe
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This code

  • is inspired by this article on "small data"
  • checks the following webpages for information regarding the "Grosswetterlage" in central / NE europe:
  • save the individual images if you want
  • create an overview map containing all the relevant images;
    • left column: analysis (current time)
    • right column: prediction (future)
    • these overview maps can be stored
    • these stored files are interesting to analyze in their sequence over time (compared with the predictions)
  • this might be useful for preparing skiing or sailing trips, or just general curiosity


  • done 20130517 plot the text of the prognosis in reasonable way (bottom left)
  • make the headings prettier
    • date and hour formatting
    • left: analysis; right: prognosis (only KMNI)
  • find out when a png is flipped and when it is ok

Example Output

alt text


CC BY-NC 3.0

see creativecommons webpage


0.1 2013-05-10

  • initial commit
  • basic functionality

0.2 2018-Sep-14

  • added: analysis and forecast in text form
  • added: adaptive dpi accoring to dwd analysis map resolution
  • added: compressed png to reduce file size
  • modified: creation of list of timings when to create a map