A demo app that invokes a smart clause hosted on clause.io
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Clause Demo Application

A demo client application that invokes a smart clause hosted on Clause Hub. This app uses the Fragile Goods sample template from the Cicero template library.

A hosted version of this app is available at https://clause-fragile-goods-app.netlify.com

Running this demo on your machine

  1. Download this repository.

You can either download the latest release archive or if you have git installed simply git clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/clauseHQ/fragile-goods-app.git
  1. Install the dependencies.

You need NPM and Node run this app. You can download both from here.

npm install 
  1. Start the app.
npm start

You should see the following output.

mattmbp:fragile-goods-app matt$ npm start

> fragile-goods-app@0.0.1 start /Users/matt/dev/clauseHQ/fragile-goods-app
> node app.js

App running at http://localhost:3000

  1. Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

  2. Create an instance of the Fragile Goods clause in your Clause Hub account.

In the template libary choose the following template.

Click Create Contract.

Then switch to the Connections tab.

  1. Paste in your execution URL from Clause Hub into the Execution URL field in the demo app.

  2. Click the Start button in the app to begin the timer.

Note that your device must have an accelerometer for this demo to pick up readings. Why not try this from your mobile phone?

If you don't have an accelerometer you can vary the delivery price by stopping the timer before / after it reaches 0 seconds. Late deliveries also impose a penalty.

  1. You can reset the timer by clicking reset.

© Copyright 2018, Clause Inc.