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Font syntax files for Vim

These are Vim syntax description files for various font development source formats.

OpenType Feature-file in Vim

The supported formats are UFO (XML), TTX (XML, Assembly), and OpenType features.

As for the UFO, the supplied Vim syntax file is for the foo.glif files.

The glif.vim file is not strictly speaking necessary since the content of glif-files is XML, and Vim will automatically detect this, but it is included here for completeness. The glif.vim simply contains a command to set the filetype to XML.

The ttx.vim file contain commands to set the syntax to XML and Assembly. If you need more specific Assembly highlighting you can add it to this file.

The fea.vim file supports highlighting of features, keywords, numbers, structures, lookups, groups, tables†, subtables and comments. This enables Vim to correctly indent and fold Feature-files.

†The OpenType Features syntax file is currently limited to support only the most common tables. If you require specific support of more exotic tables I suggest that you extend on the existing file by using the existing tables as templates.

Extensions on these files

If you make useful extensions on these files, please send a pull request to this Github repo.


  1. Clone or download these files.

  2. Copy or link the files in the syntax folder to ~/.vim/syntax/ on UNIX systems, or to $HOME/vimfiles/syntax/ on Windows systems.

  3. Copy or link the files in the ftdetect folder to ~/.vim/ftdetect/ on UNIX systems, or to $HOME/vimfiles/ftdetect/ on Windows systems.

  4. Start or re-start Vim.

In the folder sample_feature_file exists a sample Feature-file.


These files are licensed under the Vim license.


Vim syntax descriptor files for common font development file formats







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