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Conservation Laws Package -- Finite volume methods for hyperbolic PDEs.

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  1. pyclaw

    PyClaw is a Python-based interface to the algorithms of Clawpack and SharpClaw. It also contains the PetClaw package, which adds parallelism through PETSc.

    Fortran 92 66

  2. clawpack

    Package for solving hyperbolic systems of partial differential equations

    Python 73 60

  3. riemann

    One place for all Clawpack-style Riemann solvers

    Fortran 24 43

  4. geoclaw

    Version of Clawpack for geophysical waves and flows

    Fortran 25 54

  5. visclaw

    Clawpack visualization tools

    Python 17 36

  6. amrclaw

    AMR version of Clawpack

    Fortran 16 37

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