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This repository hosts contains documentation for Clawpack. By pushing html files created here to the repository, they show up automatically at

The GitHub page for this repository also hosts the main wiki pages for Clawpack:

Instructions to make Sphinx docs for local viewing::

    cd $CLAW/doc/doc              # assumes this repo is at $CLAW/doc
    export SPHINX_WEB=False       # or ok to leave unset
    make html                     # requires Sphinx
    open _build/html/index.html

To make version for webpages, assuming you have cloned $CLAW/ from and have push permission:

    cd $CLAW/doc/doc              # assumes this repo is at $CLAW/doc
    export SPHINX_WEB=True
    make html                     # requires Sphinx
    cd ..
    source   # copies html files to $CLAW/
    cd $CLAW/
    git add .
    git commit
    git push       # assumes push permission to

To make gallery for local viewing / webpages, do the steps above but with doc/doc replaced by doc/gallery and replaced by Note that to do this you first have to build the gallery by running all the examples and producing plots. See documentation in doc/gallery/ for more details.