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+.. _pyclaw:
+Pyclaw is a Python-based solver for hyperbolic PDEs that includes the algorithms
+of Clawpack and SharpClaw.
+It has been designed with easy extensibility, performance, and exploration in mind.
+PyClaw is also the basis for PetClaw, a scalable parallel implementation of Clawpack
+using PETSc.
+At present, PyClaw also includes a python
+toolkit containing various other routines to help users use Clawpack.
+You can get the latest development version of PyClaw from
+Full documentation can be found at
+PetClaw is a parallel version of Clawpack. The high-level code is written in
+Python using numpy and based on the PyClaw package.
+The low-level kernels are written in Fortran and based on Clawpack.
+The parallelism is implemented using PETSc and petsc4py.

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