uninitialized constant Formotion::RowType::Base (NameError) #48

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I can't get any of the examples in formotion 1.1.5 to work.

When running FormModel, 'rake simulator', i get the message

"uninitialized constant BubbleWrap

so then I added 'require "bubble-wrap"' to the Rakefile and ran 'rake simulator' again, and this time all the files compile but when It runs I get the error message :

(main)> 2012-11-13 00:06:05.911 FormModel[4879:f803] uninitialized constant Formotion::RowType::Base (NameError)
2012-11-13 00:06:05.915 FormModel[4879:f803] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NameError', reason: 'uninitialized constant Formotion::RowType::Base (NameError)

I do have the latest versions of bubble-wrap (1.1.4) and formotion (1.1.5) installed. Im running ruby 1.8.7.

Any Idea what the issue is?



clayallsopp commented Nov 13, 2012

Sorry about that, Formotion doesn't support Ruby 1.8

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