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CloudFront Access Log Parser

This is a log parser for Cloudfront Web Distribution and RTMP Distribution access logs. It can be called directly or with the Node.js Stream API.

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npm install --save cloudfront-log-parser

Usage Examples

Synchronous API

Given a string or Buffer of a log file, the parse function can be called directly, returning an array of parsed log entries.

const CloudFrontParser = require('cloudfront-log-parser');
const accesses = CloudFrontParser.parse('<contents of log file>', { format: 'web' });
//accesses = array of objects, see below for format

Callback API

If parse is provided with a callback function, it will be called with an array of parsed entries as the result.

const CloudFrontParser = require('cloudfront-log-parser');
CloudFrontParser.parse('<contents of log file>', { format: 'web' }, function (err, accesses) {
  //accesses = array of objects, see below for format

Node.js Stream API

The parser also implements stream.Transform for use in Node.js Streams.

const CloudFrontParser = require('cloudfront-log-parser');
const fs = require('fs');
const zlib = require('zlib');

const parser = new CloudFrontParser({ format: 'web' });
parser.on('readable', function () {
  let access;
  while (access = {
    //access = parsed entry object



Only two configuration options are currently in effect: format and version. The parser defaults to web to handle the web distribution file format. If logs are from an RTMP distribution, this value should be set to rtmp. Currently all CloudFront logs are on version 1.0; should future versions appear, the version option will serve as an override.

const options = {
  format: 'web|rtmp',
  version: '1.0'

Result Object

Web Distribution Format

{ 'date': '2017-02-09',
  'time': '17:50:17',
  'x-edge-location': 'MUC51',
  'sc-bytes': '2797',
  'c-ip': '',
  'cs-method': 'GET',
  'cs-host': '',
  'cs-uri-stem': '/',
  'sc-status': '200',
  'cs-referer': '-',
  'cs-user-agent': 'Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0; +',
  'cs-uri-query': '-',
  'cs-cookie': '-',
  'x-edge-result-type': 'Hit',
  'x-edge-request-id': 'sjXpb8nMq_1ewovZ6nrojpvxIETPbo7EhF2RNtPZ_zfd0MtOW6pjlg==',
  'x-host-header': '',
  'cs-protocol': 'https',
  'cs-bytes': '148',
  'time-taken': '0.002',
  'x-forwarded-for': '-',
  'ssl-protocol': 'TLSv1.2',
  'ssl-cipher': 'ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256',
  'x-edge-response-result-type': 'Hit',
  'cs-protocol-version': 'HTTP/1.1' }

RTMP Distribution Format

{ 'date': '2010-03-12',
  'time': '23:56:21',
  'x-edge-location': 'SEA4',
  'c-ip': '',
  'x-event': 'stop',
  'sc-bytes': '429822014',
  'x-cf-status': 'OK',
  'x-cf-client-id': 'bfd8a98bed0840d2b871b7f6adf9908f',
  'cs-uri-stem': 'rtmp://',
  'cs-uri-query': 'key=value',
  'c-referrer': '',
  'x-page-url': '',
  'c-user-agent': 'LNX 10,0,32,18',
  'x-sname': '-',
  'x-sname-query': '-',
  'x-file-ext': '-',
  'x-sid': '-' }


See the included LICENSE for rights and limitations under the terms of the MIT license.