NO LONGER MAINTAINED: CommunigatePro CLI wrapper for PHP
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No Longer Maintained

I wrote this class in 2002, back when:

  • I was just learning about OOP in PHP
  • I actually used CommunigatePro
  • I had no children
  • I lived on a farm
  • I was a mostly-unemployed independent contractor (it was 2002, after all)

Since then, my wife and I have had two kids, we've relocated to the Bay Area, I've written more (and better) OO code for PHP5 than I care to remember, and I've founded/co-founded two startups.

Oh, and I've stopped using CommunigatePro.

Still, I get asked for this code from time to time (about every 6 months), and I typically respond by sending it out attached to a reply to whomever asked for it.

Looking back on this code now, it's not my finest work (at least it is free of ereg_* functions) ... but now it's available for whomever needs it.

Please fork at will! The class will no doubt be better served by someone who's actually using CommunigatePro on a regular basis.

Thanks to all who've continued asking me for the library. It feels good to have written something that's still semi-useful 8 years later.

-Clay Loveless