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Welocally Places Core

version 1.2.23 Contributors: claytantor Tags: hyperlocal, geocoding, places, maps, foodie, travel, real estate, business directories Requires at least: 3.3.1 with jQuery 1.6.1 or greater Tested up to: 3.3.2 Stable tag: trunk License: Apache Software License v2

The Welocally Places Core plugin lets easily associate places with rich maps and place info with your wordpress content.


Welocally Places For WordPress makes it simple to attach real places to your content effectively making your blog a hyper-local property in minutes. With rich maps and location geocoding you can add stylish and interactive maps that help your readers know where you are talking about. Associating a place with your post is as easy as searching for a keyword, pointing and clicking. Primary features include:

  • Put mutiple places maps on pages and posts.
  • No registration required.
  • No coding required. Plug and play
  • Smart sidebar widget associates similar places automatically.
  • Rich place information such as phone number, and website
  • Integrated driving directions
  • Category based map tags help you make directories quickly
  • Support for custom post types

Product Overview Product Help


  1. Upload the welocally-places folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install directly through the plugin installer.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress or by using the link provided by the plugin installer.
  3. Make sure to subscribe, there is a free trail period that lets you determine if our product meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can I use Welocally Places for a blog hosted on wordpress.com? A:No you can not. WordPress.com hosted blogs do not allow you to install plugins. Hosting your own blog gives you flexibility and allows you to monetize in new ways, so just take it to the next step and host your own blog. Consumer Rankings did a review of low priced hosting providers for WordPress. Check it out.

Q:What Browsers Do You Support? A:For Publishers we have tested creating places for and recommend versions starting at least Chrome 17.0.963.56, Safari Version 5.1.2 and Firefox 10.0.2. We do not recommend the use of IE for site owners using welocally places, but we have tested site vistors successfully using Welocally Places with IE 5.3.2 or greater.

Q:What is a POI? A:POI stands for Point of Interest, and they are the places that people go to. We aggregate place info from many different providers, and this is the same type of data that location based game companies use when you âcheck in. It is commonly public establishments, parks or venues that people goto such as â Uptown Grill.

Q:Does the mapping feature work only for places, not for addresses or intersections? A: Geocoding works for intersections.

Q:Why do I have to register before I can try your software out? A:The plugin itself is free and open source based licensed under GPL2. We provide a basic service that lets you look up places easily, as well as updates and notifications when we have new stuff.

Q:Is your plugin supported internationally? A: It should work, it has not been tested. Please give us feedback about your experiences if you use it internationally.


Issues fixed sins previous release.


222 Add activation notice if missing 1.2.22 fields
221 jQuery UI override
220 Change Name To Welocally Places Core
219 Support for Multiple Custom Post Types
218 Edit broken 217 Apostrophe in place json causes places manager to fail. 213 Refactor shortcode handler
209 Custom post types
208 University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD, United Kingdom
206 Places manager breaks on null place


203 Update documentation to include proper version requirements 202 JQuery Load Native for 3.3.1


201 Test localhost setup 200 Add Place in Places Manager 199 De walrus Aalsmeerderdijk 452 1436 BM Aalsmeerderbrug 198 Clear all floats on tag and widget templates


196 Remove Registration Requirement 195 Remove any CURL Concepts
194 Pagination
192 Local Category Tag
191 Local Place Tag 190 No key geocoding 189 Local Database
186 Refactor options
185 Category and fields showing on add place.


56: Welocally Namespace Javascript Refactoring 87: Widgetize Place Finder 100: Refactor wp_postmeta to remove obsolete concepts 128: Category Map Tag Support 140: API Keys incorporated into web services 152: Widgetize Places 154: Remove Font Customization 156: Support for post links as title anchors 160: Multi widget support for style overrides 161: Use sprited markers 169: Widgetize Registration 170: Multisite licensing 171: Map selector improvements 174: Catgerory map widget should be context aware


147 "Excerpts not working"


99 Places DB Tool In Options 94 Place Finder for Pages 71 Share Tag Support 54 Refactor Metadata Approach for Place Persistence 53 Extended Tag Support 43 Places Support On Pages 42 Transform Post Save Approach to Tags and Place Metadata 41 Custom Theme Support For List Widget 40 Custom Theme Support For Map Widget 38 Add Custom Theme Options Settings 36 iFeature Theme Support 34 zBench Theme Support 21 Add Change Login/Key Support 10 Theme Support for Delicate 3 Integrate New Add Place Workflow

Upgrade Notice

If you are upgrading and an install this manually make sure to re-activate the plugin, activation does important database updates.