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Jenkins CI Radiator

A small backbone.js application that monitors your Jenkins CI build server and displays failing, passing, building and disabled jobs. Audio is played when jobs move from a passing state to a failing state or from a failing state to a passing state.

Jenkins Configuration

Since version 1.502 of Jenkins the jsonp access to the API which Jenkins CI Radiator uses is only available if the hudson.model.Api.INSECURE System Property is set to true

You can set this by specifying it as a command line argument when you start Jenkins:

java -jar -Dhudson.model.Api.INSECURE=true jenkins.war

If this System Property is not set then Jenkins CI Radiator will hang on 'Loading...' page.

This issue is being tracked in the Jenkins JIRA here


  1. Download a zip of the project
  2. Extract that zip
  3. Configure the radiator (see below)
  4. Open index.html in Safari or Chrome


  1. Edit config.js and update the ci_json_url to point to your Jenkins instance
  2. Open index.html in Chrome or Safari

Optional Configuration

  • Edit config.js to:

    • Set the refresh_interval to something other than 1 minute
    • Set all_green_html to be the text, icon or image to appear when all builds are green
      e.g. all_green_html: 'All Good!' or all_green_html: <img src="green.png/>
      Default is the heart shown in the screenshot below.
  • Add job names that should not be counted towards a failing status to the filtered array


Failing Builds Failing Builds in Jenkins Radiator

Passing Builds Passing Builds in Jenkins Radiator

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