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Open Face Chinese Poker Scoring

A library for evaluating two open face chinese poker hands.

Build Status

Build Status

Getting Started

Without Bundler: gem install ofcp_scoring

With Bundler: Add gem 'ofcp_scoring' to your Gemfile

Basic Usage

The basic scoring engine will evaluate two Chinese Poker hands calculating royalties and scoop bonuses.


engine =
  %w(2h 3h 5h 10d 10h 4h 7c 8s Jd Js 6c 7d 9c),
  %w(Ah 3h 5h 6d 6h 4h 7c 8s Qd Qs 6c 7d 9c)
#=> [1,2]

Royalty Calculation

With Royalties you receive the following points for Back hands:

  • 20 for a Royal
  • 10 for StraightFlush
  • 8 for Quads
  • 6 for a Full House
  • 4 for a Flush
  • 2 for a Straight

You receive the following points for Middle hands:

  • 20 for StraightFlush
  • 16 for Quads
  • 2 for a Full House
  • 8 for a Flush
  • 4 for a Straight

You receive the following points for Front hands (the 3 card hand):

  • Pair of Aces: 9 points
  • Pair of Kings: 8 points
  • Pair of Queens: 7 points
  • Pair of Jacks: 6 points
  • Pair of Tens: 5 points
  • Pair of Nines: 4 points
  • Pair of Eights: 3 points
  • Pair of Sevens: 2 points
  • Paid of Sixes: 1 point
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