A command line tool for live streaming new reddit comments to your terminal
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redditstream-cli is a command line tool/interface for live streaming reddit comments from any subreddit. It updates automatically, pulling the latest comments and printing them into a nice columnar format for you to view.

It is written in Python, utilizing the PRAW Reddit API.

  1. First, sign up here for the PRAW API access to reddit.

  2. Create a file called credentials.json in the redditstream-cli/code directory. The credentials.json file should be formatted like this:

  1. Lastly, change to the directory of the .py script and run

python redditstream-cli.py -s soccer

This will start a live comment streaming session from reddit.com/r/soccer

Here is an example of three different redditstream-cli sessions running, serving the latest comments from r/politics, r/soccer, and r/technology.

Alt Test

Here is a demo of how to run it, and what it looks like in action! demo

If you want to help out with this project or have suggestions/requests for features let me know!

I eventually want to make it more interactive, to allow you to change the subreddit or filter out certain submissions. So far I would consider this the alpha version.

Hope you like it!

-Clayton Blythe claytondblythe@gmail.com