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Subreddit Top Image Downloader

This is a project called subredditTopImagesDownloader created by Clayton Blythe on 2017/07/19


Here is an example of a top post from the r/wallpaper subreddit that is downloaded to the figure directory

Alt Test

Alt Test


Here I employ the BeautifulSoup library in python to experiment with object oriented programming and generators for building a list of imgur or other readily available image links of popular image posts from a particular subreddit. I use BeautifulSoup to scrape the relevant image links for a specified number of pages from the most voted pages for that subreddit. I use classes and tqdm to provide a progress bar that allows the user to see how much estimated time is remaining for downloading the images. The script tests if the files and/or directories exist and creates them if they do not. Additionally, the script checks if the file already exists before downloading.

I think I could improve my error handling, to incorporate try and except clauses, and maybe work on organizing my object initialization. Regardless, it works currently at a pretty impressive and fast rate, allowing one to easily download the top most popular images from a subreddit over a given timeframe.


Here I am using Python 3.6, with the modules bs4, requests, os, argparse, and tqdm imported.


To use this utility:

  1. Type "git clone --depth=1" in a directory where you want this repository to reside
  2. Type "cd subredditTopImagesDownloader/code" to navigate into the directory with the script
  3. Type "python" to run the script, which will by default download the images from the top page of all-time most upvoted posts on r/EarthPorn

If you wish to download from a specific subreddit, over a range of pages, and over a specified time you can specify this with command line arguments of -s, -n, and -t respectively. Below is an example of how you can use this functionality to download all the images from the top two pages of the r/MinimalWallpaper subreddit's historically most-upvoted posts.


Overall I am very satisfied with the result. I am still learning Python so I am open to any suggestions anyone has to improve performance and/or write better code.

Hope you find this useful.


Utility for downloading the most upvoted images from a subreddit over a specified timeframe




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