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Circadian Lighting [Home Assistant Component]

Stay healthier and sleep better by syncing your lights with natural daylight to maintain your circadian rhythm!

Circadian Light Rhythm|690x287

Circadian Lighting slowly synchronizes your color changing lights with the regular naturally occurring color temperature of the sky throughout the day. This gives your environment a more natural feel, with cooler hues during the midday and warmer tints near twilight and dawn.

In addition, Circadian Lighting can set your lights to a nice cool white at 1% in “Sleep” mode, which is far brighter than starlight but won’t reset your circadian rhythm or break down too much rhodopsin in your eyes.

Expand for articles explaining the benefits of maintaining a natural Circadian rhythm

Visit the Wiki for more information.

Basic Installation/Configuration Instructions:


Install custom_component files automatically using HACS or Custom Updater, or install Manually.


Component Configuration:

# Example configuration.yaml entry

Advanced Configuration

Switch Configuration:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: circadian_lighting
      - light.desk
      - light.lamp

Switch configuration variables:

  • name (Optional): The name to use when displaying this switch.
  • lights_ct (Optional): array: List of light entities which should be set in mireds.
  • lights_rgb (Optional): array: List of light entities which should be set in RGB.
  • lights_xy (Optional): array: List of light entities which should be set in XY.
  • lights_brightness (Optional): array: List of light entities which should only have brightness adjusted.

Advanced Configuration


These graphs were generated using the values calculated by the Circadian Lighting sensor/switch(es).

Sun Position:


Color Temperature: