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Solidity on Ethereum code and Presentation Materials from Beyond Bitcoin: Creative Destruction on the Blockchain
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Beyond Bitcoin Presentation.pdf
Beyond Bitcoin Presentation.pptx

#Beyond Bitcoin: Creative Destruction through the Blockchain


  • Beyond Bitcoin Presentation.pptx
  • Beyond Bitcoin Presentation.pdf

Mika Sanchez and Clayton Rothschild examine how blockchain disrupts far more than just the financial system. Blockchain technology has the potential to make any ledger based industry more efficient, cheaper, and secure.

The authors examine how blockchains work. Then, they examine use cases for the blockchain. Finally, they build a voting application using Solidity on Ethereum, a blockchain application.

This work was selected by their colleagues as a keynote presentation to be presented at Pariveda Solutions' annual company conference, FinFest, a TED-like conference exploring the newest ideas in tech and can be viewed here: Beyond Bitcoin


  • ballot.js - The voting application contract logic written in Solidity (the js file extension is for better syntax highlighting).
  • demo-output.log - A copy of the console log from our live presentation of the voting app.
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