Example of migration from Drupal to Plone with transmogrifier
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Drupal to Plone Example Buildout

This is the buildout that I used for my Plone Symposium East 2011 talk, Migrating From Drupal to Plone with Transmogrifier. You can see the video here.

Pinning info

The buildout has its versions pinned, the most important pinnings are noted here.

The transmogrify.sqlalchemy blueprint, as of this writing does not support SQLAlchemy 0.7.

SQLAlchemy = 0.6.7

We are running Plone 4.0, so we need to pin this to work properly.

plone.app.discussion = 1.0

Install instructions

Drupal Install

First you should create a Drupal site. The demo was created using Acquia Drupal 7.0.1, but should work fine with any Drupal 7.0.x install. The queries are all written in MySQL, so you'll need to set up Drupal using MySQL. See the Drupal docs for more details.

In my.migration.config.base, you can change the dsn to match your settings. The default is to connect with the root user with no password set. The default database name is drupal-transmog

blueprint = transmogrify.sqlalchemy
dsn = mysql://root@localhost/drupal-transmog

Add at least one item in the path blog

Add an item, then change the automatic alias to blog/<id>

This will allow the blog section to be set up in Plone.

Running the Buildout

First, get the source.

$ git clone git://github.com/claytron/drupal-plone-transmogrifier.git

Now run the buildout (making sure the drupal site is up and running).

$ cd drupal-plone-transmogrifier
$ python2.6 bootstrap.py
$ bin/buildout

Buildout will utilize the collective.recipe.plonesite recipe to start up Zope and apply the profiles from my.policy. When it is finished the content from drupal should appear in your site.

Running the site

Once the buildout has finished, you can access the site by starting up Plone.

$ bin/zeoserver start
$ bin/instance fg

Then go to the site in your browser: http://localhost:8080/Plone

The folders aren't currently published, so you'll have to login to see the content.

username: admin
password: admin


If you run into any issues trying to get this to work, add an issue to the tracker here on this github project