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Vimsizer is a simple plugin that was inspired by the Firesizer extension for Firefox. This plugin gives you the ability to define a re-usable set of window dimensions.

There are two default sizes that are defined with the vs_window_sizes variable:

let vs_window_sizes = {"normal": "150 40", "bigger": "210 50"}

You can define your own set of sizes. Example:

let vs_window_sizes = {"miniscule": "25 10", "magiscule": "200 60"}

Once the window sizes have been defined then you can use the VSSelectWindowSize command to switch. Example:

:VSSelectWindowSize bigger
:VSSelectWindowSize normal

You can also quickly switch to any specific size you like with the VSWindowSize command:

:VSWindowSize 100 20

You can use the autogroup command to set the window size on startup. Example:

au VimEnter * exe 'VSSelectWindowSize normal'

This would set the window size to normal upon entering vim for the first time.

You could also map a shortcut key to a window size. Example:

map <leader>1 :VSSelectWindowSize normal<CR>
map <leader>2 :VSSelectWindowSize bigger<CR>

The latest code is available on Github: http://github.com/claytron/vimsizer

To install this plugin simply copy the vimsizer.vim into the plugin directory and vimsizer.txt into the doc directory in your vim folder.