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Design decisions
These are the main guidelines for Fifth.
1. World domination is not a goal.
This is my browser, made to fill my needs. If others like it,
great! If not, feel free to fork or use one of the alternatives.
2. The browser is for browsing.
In other words, the browser is _not_ for playing games, playing
music, or playing videos.
3. Unix principles.
For anything it does not do, it should call on a separate tool
made for the purpose.
4. Efficiency.
Every single browser has become fat and bloated. Usability
guidelines also require good performance: the user should never
wait for the computer.
5. Copy the best.
All the good features from Opera shall be shamelessly copied,
just like those in other browsers.
Webkit1 will be used. While the multi-process model of Webkit2 is indeed
more secure, it also brings both CPU and RAM overhead. This does mean
that having one tab crash will crash all tabs, but general browser
quality along with no support for Flash will minimize that.
Ideally, a new Webkit port to a light toolkit such as FLTK will be made.
No native video support. Every embedded player generally sucks. Instead,
we will offer two buttons in place of HTML5 video elements: download
(as $GOD intended) and stream (ie, launch in your favorite player such
as mplayer).
SVG will be supported by calling out to rsvg-convert, no native support.
Per-site preferences are a must.
WebGL will not be supported.
Web fonts will not be supported. There is little reason to fetch extra
megabytes just to display a site a little more like some designer wanted
it to (which is often in an unreadable font).
Certificates will natively have SSH-like behavior: self-signed certs are
fully trusted without warning, but if a certificate changes, all bells
go off.
Fingerprinting is avoided. The most common settings from EFF panopticlick
will be sent to servers. By default Fifth will claim to be Firefox on
Windows, and so on.