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WebkitFLTK is a port of Webkit to FLTK 1.3.

As it’s intended for use in the Fifth browser, some of the HTML functionality has corresponding changes.

It very likely won’t be upstreamed, as the Webkit community has (rightfully) some strict requirements for ports that we can’t fill (3 full-time people, etc.).


You can try to build using the upstream Webkit cmake scripts, or the hacked-up plain makefiles included herein.

The cmake system did not work for us, which is the reason for the makefiles.

Perl, Python 2 and Ruby are all needed as build-time dependencies. For more info see

make -C Source/bmalloc/bmalloc
make -C Source/WTF/wtf
make -C Source/JavaScriptCore gen
make -C Source/JavaScriptCore
make -C Source/WebCore
make -C Source/WebKit/fltk

# Optionally
make -C Source/WebKit/fltk install


GCC 4.7.3 minimum. 4.7 series is in theory enough, but .0-.2 had a C++11 bug. 4.8.3 and 5.2.0 tested.

On debug vs release

We don’t like to hide functionality behind magic, so "release" and "debug" are fully controlled by your CXXFLAGS.


A build without -g and with -DNDEBUG, ie no asserts. Requires about 800mb space.


A built with -g and without -DNDEBUG, both asserts and debug symbols. Requires around 10gb space.

asserts only

Without -g, without -DNDEBUG. Requires about 1.5gb space.

The asserts are helpful when debugging crashes, while taking much less space than a full debug build. They aren’t that useful in normal use, because almost every other site blows up then.


Third-party bindings to other languages.

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