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terraform-munki module

This terraform module creates all the necessary resources in AWS for highly scalable munki web setup using AWS S3 for object storage and AWS CloudFront (CDN) for content distribution. You can optionally secure the CDN via signed URLs so only clients that have your signing certificate can download content.

Table of Contents

High Level Features

  • Restrictions on the S3 bucket to disallow any direct connections
  • Use a custom DNS name for the web server or use a supplied URL from AWS
  • Rebuild the catalog files whenever a pkginfo file or icon is updated or modified
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Optional SNS Alert when a warning or error happen during makecatalog run
  • Short 2 minute TTL values on catalogs/* and /icons/*.plist allow clients to get updates quickly
  • Long 24 hour TTL values on all other resources allow large packages to stay cached on the CDN


At this time, it is impossible to supply your own lambda payload as such you are stuck on the following versions.

Terraform Usage

module "munki-service" {
  source = ""
  s3_bucket_name = "megacorp-munki-repo"

  tags = {
    Environment  = "prod"
    BusinessUnit = "ClientABC"

CloudFront signing key

The CloudFront signing key can not be automatically created. This key can also only be created by the root account owner, administrator IAM users will not work.

The creation process can be followed in the following Amazon doc:

To create CloudFront key pairs

or via the following graphic:

CF Key Creation

SNS Alerts

Terraform is unable to create and validate Simple Notification Service (SNS) resources so a topic and subscription must be created manually. The following steps will guide you through an email alert:

  1. Log into the AWS Console
  2. Go to the Simple Notification Service (SNS) service
  3. Create a new topic
  4. Click on the created topic ARN to go to the details page
  5. Create a subscription
  6. Select the protocol and options you want
  7. Confirm the subscription (required for the email protocol)
  8. Copy the Topic ARN from this page and use in the terraform alarm_arn variable

Lambda Notes

The file runs as a AWS Lambda function. It is triggered from the following s3 events:

  • a file under pkginfo/ is modified or uploaded
  • a file under icons/ with the extensions of the .png or .jpg is modified or uploaded

If this setup is destroyed and recreated the 'munki-s3-rw' policy will need to be re-applied to the 'munki_s3' user.


Name Description Type Default Required
alarm_arn The arn to send alerts to on lambda errors and warnings string "" no
cf_default_certificate true if you want viewers to use HTTPS to request your objects and you're using the CloudFront domain name for your distribution. Specify this, cf_acm_certificate_arn, or cf_iam_certificate_id string "true" no
cf_dns_aliases Optionally a list of dns aliases to assign to the CloudFront distribution point list(string) [] no
cf_minimum_protocol_version The minimum version of the SSL protocol that you want CloudFront to use for HTTPS connections. One of SSLv3, TLSv1, TLSv1_2016, TLSv1.1_2016 or TLSv1.2_2018 string "TLSv1.2_2018" no
cf_price_class The CloudFront pricing tier. One of PriceClass_All, PriceClass_200, PriceClass_100 string "PriceClass_All" no
cf_ssl_cert_arn The ARN of the AWS Certificate Manager certificate to use. Specify this, cf_cloudfront_default_certificate, or cf_iam_certificate_id. The ACM certificate must be in US-EAST-1 string "" no
cf_ssl_support_method Specifies how you want CloudFront to serve HTTPS requests. Required if you specify acm_certificate_arn. One of vip or sni-only. vip is $600 a month don't select that option! string "" no
cf_trusted_signers The AWS accounts, if any, that you want to allow to create signed URLs for private content. Use ['self'] if you want to target the account that owns this CloudFront distribution point list(string) [] no
name Name to be used on all resources as the identifier string "munki" no
s3_bucket_create Set to true to create a new s3 bucket. If false you can reuse a current bucket string "true" no
s3_bucket_name The s3 bucket name to use string n/a yes
tags A map of tags to add to all resources map(string) {} no


Name Description
cf_domain_name The cloudfront distribution point domain name
cf_hosted_zone_id The cloudfront distribution point zone id


Terraform module for building munki resources in AWS.




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