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Version 0.1.9

¡The one before stable!		
- Bug fix[Internal 2]: Code to detect default token constant was wrong. This solve strange extra white lines on output.
- Bug fix[#7305]: add spaces before and after array key-value pair assignator (=>)
- Bug fix[#7307]: first lines are intended if ListClassFunction is enabled
- Bug fix[#7308]:  	typo in "How to use PHP_Beautifier": 'standar' should be 'standard'
- Bug fix[#7312]: missing spaces with lower and greater than operator. missing spaces with after ; in for statemants
- Bug fix[#7759]: Adding a comment after a case statement in a switch causes the
indenting to be wrong.
+ New Lowercase Filter[requested on #7348]: Lowercase all control structures. Parse the output of this filter with a new instance of the object or with a pipe in a new php_beautifier.
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1 parent dc282dc commit 20be07e8fab40b90e12e48cfc8d33156dbcc758d @clbustos committed Jun 6, 2006
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