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Don't remove empty lines in code #2

kurteknikk opened this Issue · 4 comments

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When i beautify code empty lines are automatically removed, but i don't want that, how can i instruct PHP_Beautifier so it never removes empty lines in my code.

I was having a look at the forum and found this topic: but nobody replied to it.


Do you speak german? Then have a look at

Othewise drop a note and I will translate this for you.


Here is one possible fix. This class extends the Pear filter to leave blank lines in place, with their indenting as-is. Cursory eyeball testing makes me believe that it works correctly. Place it in the Beautifier directory, call it "PHP/Beautifier/Filter/PearWithLines.filter.php", and call it at the command line using --filter="PearWithLines".

require_once 'PHP/Beautifier/Filter/Pear.filter.php';
class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_PearWithLines extends PHP_Beautifier_Filter_Pear
    function t_whitespace($sTag) 
        // remove the first series of spaces/tabs,
        // along with any \n that comes before it.
        $sTag = preg_replace("/\n?[ \t]*/m", '', $sTag, 1);

Hope this helps!


I found a fork at which this feature implements. Check out the whitespaces branch. It will not really keep all new lines but shrink more than one newlines into one line


@Konafets thanks! it really helps me, and I merged @jespino 's branch into my fork PHP_Beautifier. It works!

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