Latest commit c8f34df Jun 22, 2008 @clbustos Version 0.1.14
Big bug fix release: "Thanks for the patience, bug reporters. The fishes were good, too!"
This is the last beta release, before going to stable. This package has more than 3 years!!!!
 - Bug fix #10091: CS issue: throw should not have parens
 - Bug fix #10839: T_CLONE and T_ARRAY formatting bugs with default filter
 - Bug fix #11661: Function getPreviousWhitespace Overly Aggressive
 - Bug fix #11662: Please add T_DOUBLE_QUOTE to $aTokensToChange
 - Bug fix #11941: Nested ternary operators add newlines
 - Bug fix #13600: Extra space after close parenthesis on function definition deleted.
 - Bug fix #13602: Pear filter breaks output - for valid, curly syntax "$this->{$method}();"
 - Bug fix #13795: "else echo" gets turned into "elseecho"
 - Bug fix #13805: Pear filter doesn't follow example for switch format
 - Bug fix #14175: HEREDOC: failure when heredoc string enclosed in function call

 + New phpBB filter, courtesy of Jim Wigginton


Run the file run_me.php within the command-line or copy the files on your server directory.