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=== 0.5.2 / 2012-07-21
- Fixed image bug (#13), and updated example for image. Web creation is updated, too
- Fixed logCeil on quantitative.rb:362
=== 0.5.1 / 2011-11-19
+ Implemented subdivisions on Scale::Log.ticks()
* Implemented test for issue #7
- Fixed bug on Scale::Quantitative.ticks() when domain is [a,a]
- Fixed bug on SvgScene.title
- Merge pull request #11 from mohawkjohn/tag_name_fix [mohawkjohn]
- Fixed typo in 'height' on Mark::Area [mohawkjohn]
- Fixed precision problem on SvgScene.path_join spec and error on one of median test on jruby
- workaround for nokogiri-java null pointer exception [subdbp]
=== 0.5.0 / 2011-02-04
* Nokogiri used as XML builder. Fall back to REXML if nokogiri is not available or $rubyvis_no_nokogiri=true
=== 0.4.1 / 2011-01-26
* All tests run on ruby 1.8.7. Not all pass, because on ruby<1.9 hash order are not preserved
* Removed warnings for Ruby 1.9+
* Changed SvgScene.implicit and Color.names with constants
* Bug fix: Examples crashes on Ruby 1.9.3 because names of files are freezed and REXML try to change it
=== 0.4.0 / 2011-01-03
Massive bug fix. Please, update ASAP
* Implemented Vector, used on segmented lines
* Bug fix: Segmented areas with basis, cardinal and monotone interpolation was parsed using linear interpolation
* Bug fix: Incorrect color when using hsl with decimal h
* Bug fix: Segmented areas doesn't change color
* Bug fix: Wedge without inner radius return incorrect path
* Bug fix: Stack layout with 'inside-out' order crash.
* Bug fix: Incorrect marks properties evaluation order
* Bug fix: Segmented lines raises an Exception
* New specs: Flatten, Grid, Dot, Vector, Rule, Cluster, Partition, Wedge, Indent, Tree, Treemap
* Improved specs: Area, Line, Panel
* Deleted dependence of Rubyvis.document. Each panel without parent have an independent REXML::Document
=== 0.3.6 / 2010-12-28
* Matrix layout implemented. Example and spec available.
* Added spec for Layout::Arc
=== 0.3.5 / 2010-12-20
* Horizon and Arc layouts implemented
* Bug fix: Error on Layout::Stack spec
* Bug fix: Inconsistent behaviour of Rubyvis.color and Rubyvis::Hsl
* Bug fix: Rubyvis::Color.color fails on ruby 1.8.7
* Bug fix: Raise error with negative number on Format.format
=== 0.3.4 / 2010-12-11
* Implemented Layout::Grid and Layout::Tree
* New example: census treemap. Added spec for layout
* Examples reordered
* Bug fix: Area with 0 on height create infinite loop
* Bug fix: Layout::Pack overlaps circles on NE position
=== 0.3.3 / 2010-11-23
* Implemented Rubyvis::Layout::Pack, Rubyvis::Layout::Indent and Rubyvis::Flatten
* Implemeted Rubyvis::Mark.title()
* New examples: bubble charts and circle packing
* Better documentation for Network
=== 0.3.2 / 2010-11-23
* Updated examples
* Added Layout::Cluster and dendogram example
=== 0.3.1 / 2010-11-19
* Added Layout::Partition
* Added Rubyvis::Histogram
* Added sunburst and icicle example
* Added shortcuts methods for layouts
* Bug fix on Hierarchy
* Updated README and Histogram spec
=== 0.3.0 / 2010-11-17
* Network and Hierarchy classes on module Layout implemented. Require testing
* Rubyvis::Layout::Treemap fully operational
* Rubyvis::Dom almost complete, including spec
* Mark.extend changed to Mark.mark_extend, to avoid clashes with ruby extend
* Bug fix: Rubyvis::Dom::Node.sort doesn't set first_child and last_child correctly
* Updated for hoe 1.7.0
* Updated example of coordinate parallels
* New example: treemap/treemap.rb
=== 0.2.2 / 2010-11-13
* Updated to rspec 2. Bug fix: instance_eval raises an error on js_apply
* Updated antibiotics example
* Tested on 1.8.7, 1.9.1, 1.9.2 and svn-head.
=== 0.2.1 / 2010-11-11
* Added Rubyvis.dict()
* Added Rubyvis::Scale::Ordinal.split_flush()
* New example: parallel coordinates on /examples/cars/cars.rb
* New example: pie chart on /examples/antibiotics/antibiotics_wedge.rb
* New spec for readme examples (sort of smoke test)
* Better implementation of Layout
* Bug fix: raise error Proc.js_apply on Ruby1.9.2 (doesn't accept instance_eval with &proc)
* Ahhh... how I hate differences on return inside lambdas! Resolved bug on AreaPrototype::area_build_instance removing return inside a lambda
* Bug fix: Rubyvis::Scale::Linear.scale() returns a value when nil is passed. Now, returns nil
* Bug fix: Calling Mark.instance() of a parent mark inside a children returns only the last instance, not the currently parsed instance
=== 0.2.0 / 2010-11-02
* IMPORTANT: Added 'ruby best practices' API. See README and examples/first_rbp_api.rb to learn how to use
* Added width and height explicitly on examples pages.
* Added examples for interpolation on lines and areas
* Fixed interpolate for lines and areas.
* New spec for Line and Area spec.
* Added spec for numeric tick_format
* Added documentation for Rubyvis::Colors, Rubyvis::Color and Rubyvis::Line
* Bug fix: interpolate "step-after", "step-before" and "basis" on Area marks doesn't work Spec for Area marks
=== 0.1.7 / 2010-10-31
* Added image support
=== 0.1.6 / 2010-10-30
* Improved documentation for examples. Added description from protovis site on the one borrowed from it and added commentary on new ones.
* Distribution includes 'web' directory, with script to recreate the web site. Use as example of massive creation of graphics
* Added explicitily "none" to svg "fill" property. This allows to render properly with librsv (rsgv), without affecting the browser output
* Added API documentation on many files.
* Replaced all pv instances on code for Rubyvis
=== 0.1.5 / 2010-10-22
* Bug fix: styles considered properly, so font attribute works right now.
* Bug fix: anchors have proper parent assignation.
=== 0.1.4 / 2010-10-20
* Bug fix: Order now works on Nest
* Added log scale spec. domain, range, scale, invert and ticks works like javascript version
* First stack layout version operational
* Added grouped and stacked chart examples
=== 0.1.3 / 2010-10-08
* New Wedge and Dot mark
* New Log scale and Nest.
* Area mark working.
* Automatic color scales doesn't work on every ocasion, yet
* Color, Format::Number and Quantitative fixed.
* Fixed attributes works as expected (damn c like 0=false)
* Added examples (antibiotics and barley)
* Bug fix: right anchor doesn't affect labels.
* Crimea grouped bars works. Ordinal scales operational
=== 0.1.2 / 2010-10-04
* Bug fix: SvgScene.panel only parse first element. Crimea-line example works (almost) as expected
* Support for lines as anchors (not tested, yet)
* Support for scales using Time class
* Deleted unnecesary files from protovis
=== 0.1.1 / 2010-10-02
* Operational implementation of Panel, Bar, Rule, Line and Label. Anchor doesn't work, yet [clbustos]
* Updated README.txt
=== 0.1.0 / 2010-09-30
* First (barely) operational version. See examples/first.rb and examples/second.rb
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