SVG:::Graph is a pure Ruby library for generating charts, which are a type of graph where the values of one axis are not scalar. SVG::Graph has a verry similar API to the Perl library SVG::TT::Graph, and the resulting charts also look the same. This isn't surprising, because SVG::Graph started as a loose port of SVG::TT::Graph, although the inte…
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This is a minor revision of the SVG::Graph library by Sean Russell with few minor touch-ups to make it run on Ruby 1.9.x and to have it gem-installable.


I'm not sure that all the parts of the original SVG library work as expected under 1.9.x too. Please notify me (via github messages or on the Issues section) if you find any bug.


Yet to be written. Look at the original SVG::Graph web page for the moment (I'm not introducing new methods nor changing APIs, for the moment).