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Bond Error: Failed during completion action #27

pmros opened this Issue December 30, 2012 · 4 comments

2 participants

Patricio M. Ros Gabriel Horner
Patricio M. Ros

I have a project called troshka that use bond. It used to work fine but it fails lately. This is the error:

Bond Error: Failed during completion action '/^Object$/+/(\S+|\([^\)]*\)|'[^']*'|"[^"]*"|\/[^\/]*\/|(?:%q|%r|%Q|%w|%s|%)?\[[^\]]*\]|(?:proc|lambda|%q|%r|%Q|%w|%s|%)?\s*\{[^\}]*\})\.(\w*(?:\?|!)?)$/' with 'can't convert nil into String'.
Completion Info: Matches completion for object with ancestor matching /^Object$/.

I'm trying something like this: '"".s'

Thank you for bond.

Patricio M. Ros

I respond to myself. I have more information but no solution.
bond 0.4.2 works ok for me but 0.4.3 fails because this pull request [#25]. This line [] launch a TypeException (can't convert nil to String). klass method returns eigen class ok but klass("").instance_methods give me that exception.

Sadly, I'm not be able to reproduce this error in few lines but bond fails this way in my project troshka []. I don't know why ruby launch that exception. Troshka doesn't redefine ruby core class methods.

Solution: You could catch TypeError exception at at default_action method, not only klass method.

Thank you again.

Gabriel Horner

Thanks for the bug report. I don't have time to look at this but I'm open to a pull with tests.

Patricio M. Ros pmros referenced this issue January 27, 2013

TypeError fix #28

Patricio M. Ros

At last, I got it!
The problem is Qt4 library. A small script that reproduce the error:

require 'bond'
require 'Qt4'

l = '"".', '"".'
puts l

If you remove second line, it works OK.
Please accept my pull request.

Gabriel Horner cldwalker closed this January 01, 2014
Gabriel Horner

I'm closing since this isn't a Bond bug. If you figure out what Qt4 is doing that is causing the issue feel free to continue the conversation.

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