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  • Fix to support ruby 2.X


  • Remove repo_index which has moved to boson-more


  • Fix help command with no args


  • Fix required arg command failing hard with no args

  • Fix bug with Command#option_command? not being available to plugins


  • Fix only option being invalid and not deleted

  • Fix handling option parse errors in Runner

  • Fix argument error handling for commands with optional args


  • Add help subcommand for executables

  • Allow Runner help methods to be extended

  • Fix arg and no method error handling on rbx

  • Fix OptionParser#delete_invalid_opts bug

  • Prefix Runner executable errors with executable name

  • Fix pending tests

  • Rename Runner help methods to Runner.display_help and Runner.display_command_help


  • Fix bug for command with one argument containing quoted arguments


  • Add Runner.execute

  • Allow Runner to define commands with Kernel method names

  • Fix Runner.load_options


  • Fix RunnerLibrary not parsing options correctly


  • A new slim boson!


  • Add file lock for concurrent processes


  • Handle rubygems deprecation (#28)

  • 1.9 Fixes


  • Fix install command for https (#22)


  • Add commandline backtrace option (#18)


  • Fixed MethodInspector handling anonymous classes on 1.9.2 (#16)

  • Fixed get and install commands on 1.9.2 (#17)

  • Fixed failed loading of Bosonfile

  • Fixed RequireLibrary indicating correct load status


  • Added –debug to executable with multiple debug hooks

  • Added –ruby_debug and -I to executable to change $LOAD_PATH and $DEBUG

  • Added @option method attribute as a more readable complement to @options

  • Added proper exit code for failed commands (#12)

  • Added friendlier errors for libraries with SyntaxError or LoaderError

  • Added validation to method attributes

  • Improved RequireLibrary to more robustly handle gems like httparty

  • Fixed 1.9.2-rc2 bugs including #14

  • Fixed finding commands with same names

  • Fixed –console for ruby >= 1.8.7

  • Fixed –help for namespaced commands


  • Fixed critical gemspec error


  • Tests use bacon and pass on all major ruby versions

  • Fixed bug for 1.8.7 and super (#10)

  • Added commandline pipes with '+'

  • Fixed bug when requiring rubygems in a library

  • Fixed bug in sort pipe for 1.9.2

  • Got rid of jeweler in Rakefile and $LOAD_PATH meddling

  • Refactored BinRunner's error handling


  • Added improved support and additional attributes for user pipe options

  • Added :pipes global command option

  • Added json + yaml parsing to get()

  • Added underscore searching to option values

  • Added build_install() command

  • Added :usage_options commandline option


  • Renamed Boson::Command#description to #desc. Delete your index at ~/.boson/config/index.marshal.

  • Renamed Boson::Command#global_options to #option_command. Update your configs.

  • Bug fix for Windows and indexing (#4)

  • Added system wide Boson commands at /etc/boson (#2)

  • Added Boson::Command#config for plugins to set/get via @config

  • Added option_command and unload options to BinRunner

  • Added special option parsing characters: - and –

  • Added special :output_class key for global render_options

  • Added :delete_options global option

  • Fixed –no variant for single letter booleans

  • Fixed MethodInspector parsing arguments with special characters

  • Allow global -p to work even in failures

  • Allow -hv to default to verbose help

  • Boson::OptionParser tweaks


  • Added local libraries: Bosonfile and under local repositories

  • Added config method attribute.

  • Added default_option and global_options command attributes.

  • Added OptionParser.parse and OptionParser.usage for scripting use.

  • Improved auto-rendering from commandline.

  • Removed library reload.

  • Better docs.


  • Command options

** Added custom global and render options for commands. ** Added pipe and filter option commands. ** Add global query option.

  • Options

** Users can define custom option types. ** Added hash option type. ** Any option can be a boolean with :bool_default attribute. ** Adding * aliasing to relevant options.

  • Made Boson::Scientist.commandify for use outside Boson.

  • Any command can have a default option.

  • Directories are namespaced automatically.

  • Solidified library module callback methods.

  • Added support for Windows home.

  • Improved ModuleLibrary to handle class or module class methods.

  • Better search and sort integration with Hirb.

  • Better docs.

  • Fixed number of bugs.

  • query_fields option for searching libraries and commands is deprecated. Specifying query fields is now done by prefixing a query with ':'. For example: bash> boson commands library_type:gem # instead of bash> boson commands gem –query_fields=library_type


  • First real release

  • Plenty of fixes to make it ruby 1.9 ready.

  • Added more documentation

  • BinRunner tweaks and bug fixes

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes


  • An initial release for others to play with.

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