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2009-03-29 03:00 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
test/data/annotate.right, test/data/breakpoints.right,
test/data/emacs_basic.right, test/data/info.right,
test/data/save.right: Canonicalize breakpoint locations a little
better. More work should be done and more work should be done on
the testing side too.
2009-03-17 10:35 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/irb.rb: Document irb additions old and
2009-03-17 10:33 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/irb.rb: irb "next" -> "n" since "next" is
a reserved word.
2009-03-17 10:30 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/irb.rb: Fix some irb -d breakage when set
autoirb is in effect
2009-03-17 10:22 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/irb.rb: Add "next" and "step" commands in
2009-03-17 02:05 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/irb.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,, test/data/ctrl.right, test/data/post-mortem.right,
test/test-ctrl.rb: in 0.10.4vc now. Add -d in irb
facilitate debugger testing via global $rdebug_state. Also set
$rdebug_state in debuggertesting is set.
"kill" is now allowed as a control command, this adjusts output.
and this changes
2009-03-11 23:42 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, doc/ruby-debug.texi, lib/ChangeLog: update texinfo for
2009-03-11 18:57 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/catchpoint.rb, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/rdebug-track.el, emacs/test/test-regexp.el: Update "catch"
command help string. Reindent some emacs files to make tests
2009-02-10 04:32 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Remove the annoying disappearing command
window when we there's an initial error in running the Ruby
2009-01-23 20:51 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Show how to add a new command
2009-01-23 17:20 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/kill.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb: Add
a kill command
2008-12-24 03:32 Rocky Bernstein
* test/cli/commands/unit/regexp.rb: One more quit test.
2008-12-24 03:21 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/quit.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/cli/commands/unit/regexp.rb, test/data/annotate.cmd,
test/data/annotate.right, test/data/break_bad.cmd,
test/data/break_bad.right, test/data/breakpoints.cmd,
test/data/breakpoints.right: Allow ! suffix on {q{,uit},exit} to
be the same as "unconditionally" #23299
2008-11-25 02:43 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb,,
doc/ruby-debug.texi, ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ChangeLog,
test/data/frame.cmd, test/data/frame.right: Frame without a frame
number means frame 0, same as gdb. We are now in 0.10.4 territory
2008-11-17 07:34 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES: Last commit before release.
2008-11-16 00:14 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, lib/ChangeLog: Add rdoc for rdebug script.
2008-11-15 22:13 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, ext/ruby_debug.c: Go over RDOC documentation.
2008-11-15 21:51 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add one more reference to start with a block
2008-11-15 21:23 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Remove hard-coded version number in example
2008-11-15 02:21 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/win32/.cvsignore: More administrivia
2008-11-15 02:20 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/win32: More administrivia
2008-11-15 02:18 Rocky Bernstein
* ., .cvsignore: More administrivia
2008-11-14 19:39 Rocky Bernstein
* ., .cvsignore: More administrivia
2008-11-14 19:38 Rocky Bernstein
* .cvsignore: Administrivia
2008-11-14 19:37 Rocky Bernstein
* ., README, Rakefile, doc, doc/.cvsignore: Go over documentation
for 0.10.3 release. rdoc creates files in doc/rdoc.
2008-11-14 19:28 Rocky Bernstein
* README,, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: Go over documentation and revise.
2008-11-14 15:32 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ChangeLog, lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: Move
Debugger#debugger from base to cli. Revert code in ruby_debug.c
and block parameter in debugger. cf. -> Compare with. Document
Debugger.start better.
2008-11-13 10:29 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ChangeLog: Make
Debugger.start{block} work if Debugger.started? is false. Second
2008-11-11 15:33 Rocky Bernstein
* ., Rakefile, test/cli/commands/catchpoint_test.rb,
test/cli/commands/unit, test/cli/commands/unit/regexp.rb: Start
unit test for command regular expressions. Much more willing out
to be done later....
2008-11-11 14:42 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/raise.right: More line number changes in tdebug
2008-11-11 14:40 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/raise.right: tdebug lines have changed
2008-11-11 02:07 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
test/test-dollar-0.rb, test/test-frame.rb, test/trunc-call.rb:
Tweak truncated stack test since Ruby's caller doesn't seem to
include (tail?) recursive calls and we do. Get regression tests
working in light of recent changes.
2008-11-10 08:47 Kent Sibilev
* ext/ruby_debug.c: register debug_frame_t->arg_ary with GC
2008-11-10 02:56 Kent Sibilev
* bin/rdebug, ext/ruby_debug.c: Trying to fix "if $0 == __FILE__"
ruby's idiom. Apparently setting $0 to
a new value doesn't work correctly. (Ruby's bug?)
$ cat t3.rb
p $0
p File.expand_path $0
$0 = File.expand_path $0
p $0
$ ruby t3.rb
2008-11-10 01:50 Kent Sibilev
* ext/ruby_debug.h: added declaration of
check_breakpoints_by_method method to remove compiler warning
2008-11-10 01:48 Kent Sibilev
* lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: a little bit more readable
2008-11-10 01:43 Kent Sibilev
* ext/ruby_debug.c: running at_exit hooks at the end of the
debug_load method in order to fix test cases a chance to run
2008-11-10 01:41 Kent Sibilev
* ext/ruby_debug.c: can't store a copy of the debug_context in the
stack like that, it doesn't play along with garbage collector.
2008-11-10 01:39 Kent Sibilev
* ext/ruby_debug.c: these two methods are unused
2008-11-10 01:36 Kent Sibilev
* ext/breakpoint.c: fix the compiler warning
2008-11-10 01:35 Kent Sibilev
* lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: Debugger.start must always call the
passed block
2008-11-07 19:35 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb, lib/ChangeLog:
Change truncated frame message.
2008-11-07 10:39 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb, lib/ChangeLog, test/tdebug.rb:
Add check to "where" to see if the call stack is truncated; task
2008-11-06 16:17 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, lib/ChangeLog: #22698 Allow ruby-debug-base
0.x.y.z be compatible with ruby-debug 0.x.y.
2008-11-02 21:59 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ChangeLog,
lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: Debugger.start with a block now stops
inside the block. Debugger.debugger with a block works like
Debugger.start with a block.
The whole interface is hopelessly kludgy and needs to be redone.
2008-10-27 15:29 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, test/data/raise.right: tdebug.rb line numbers changed.
Update test numbers -- I think this is right.
2008-10-26 14:54 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, ext/extconf.rb, ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ChangeLog: Doc
typo. Add comment to remind me how to turn off optimizationin
2008-10-25 18:10 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb: Fix mismatched interface.
2008-10-25 16:01 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb, ext/ruby_debug.c,
lib/ChangeLog, test/data/annotate.right,
test/data/breakpoints.right, test/data/emacs_basic.right,
test/data/finish.right, test/test-finish.rb: Warn and add a
"confirmation" when setting a breakpoint on a file that is not
loaded. Regression tests no longer fail.
2008-09-22 21:01 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug.rb: Remove a $DEBUG warning
2008-09-22 00:07 Rocky Bernstein
* doc, doc/.cvsignore, lib/ruby-debug-base.rb,
test/data/pm-bug.cmd, test/data/pm-bug.right,
test/data/post-mortem.right, test/pm-bug.rb, test/test-pm.rb:
#22118 bug in showing variables post mortem. Patch thanks to
Update pm.rb integration test.
2008-09-21 23:09 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES: In 0.10.3 territory now.
2008-09-21 23:06 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c, test/tdebug.rb: tdebug.rb: modify frozen string
taken from rdebug. Patch from Martin Krauskopf.
ruby_debug.c: in 0.10.3 now.
2008-09-03 17:33 Rocky Bernstein
* doc: Administrivia
2008-09-03 17:29 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog, test/helper.rb: Show line numbers when
$DEBUG is set. Patch #21772 from Martin Krauskopf
2008-08-28 05:43 Kent Sibilev
* ext/ruby_debug.c:
2008-08-28 05:41 Kent Sibilev
* CHANGES: preparing version 0.10.2
2008-08-15 17:36 Kent Sibilev
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/list.rb: Fixed an exception when calling
Kernel#debugger method from the eval code
2008-07-10 09:47 Kent Sibilev
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/continue.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb:
allow 'continue' command from post-mortem
here is an example where it is needed:
Debugger.post_mortem do
I want to be able to inspect the post_mortem context and then to
continue the program execution
2008-07-10 08:55 Kent Sibilev
* ext/ruby_debug.c: fixed segfault and finish command
2008-07-09 19:43 Kent Sibilev
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb: allow setting a
breakpoint on a file that is not yet loaded
2008-07-09 19:29 Kent Sibilev
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb: RemoteInterface should extend
Interface class
2008-07-09 19:25 Kent Sibilev
* bin/rdebug: $0 is frozen in Ruby 1.8.7
2008-07-09 00:43 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb: Some meager (and
not complete) support for a verbose mode on
source'ing a file. Some more print's turned to errmsg as
2008-07-07 07:11 Rocky Bernstein
* lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: Tracker [#20041] start erroneously moved
to Kernel - should be in
2008-07-03 16:03 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Document that backslash can escape debugger
command separation.
2008-06-20 06:46 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, cli/ruby-debug/commands/trace.rb,
lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: trace.rb: add "trace var"
ruby-debug-base.rb: remove another undefined warning.
2008-05-27 03:54 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/save.rb, cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb,
test/data/save.cmd, test/data/save.right, test/test-save.rb: Add
save test. save.rb: use pretty-printed regexp. Interface, for now
add restart_file accessor like the others. The processor
need revision though.
2008-05-24 01:27 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, doc/ruby-debug.texi, lib/ChangeLog: Remove dup lines.
2008-05-23 14:57 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/save.rb: Catchpoints have changed. Fix
bug in saving them.
2008-05-23 01:04 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/catchpoint.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, ext/breakpoint.c,
test/cli/commands/catchpoint_test.rb, test/data/catch.cmd,
test/data/catch.right, test/test-catch.rb: Lots of bogosity fixed
in catchpoint handling. Added "catch xxx off".
Confirm when deleting all catchpoints. Correct C rdoc.
2008-05-20 07:20 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/rdebug-emacs.texi, doc/ruby-debug.texi: Use a straight quote
in the typewriter font.
2008-05-17 22:11 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/save.rb: Wording a little closer to gdb's
2008-05-17 11:35 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/rdebug-emacs.texi, doc/ruby-debug.texi: e.g. -> e.g.@:
2008-05-15 18:06 Rocky Bernstein
* test, test/.cvsignore: Ignore config.private.yaml which folks may
use/customize to omit tests
2008-05-15 17:52 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, test/cli, test/cli/commands,
test/cli/commands/catchpoint_test.rb: Regression test for recent
"catch nn off" error. Again from Martin Krauskopf
2008-05-15 16:05 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/catchpoint.rb, lib/ChangeLog:
Handle "catch nnn off" Forgotten there during r656.
From mkrauskopf [#20156].
2008-05-12 03:21 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/irb.rb: Small doc fix.
2008-05-11 15:25 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/raise.right: tdebug.rb got a line shorter.
2008-05-11 09:03 Rocky Bernstein
* test/helper.rb, test/test-init.rb: Patch #19934 multi-interpreter
patch from Martin Krauskopf
2008-05-11 08:38 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, ext/ruby_debug.c, test/data/output.right,
test/data/quit.right, test/tdebug.rb: Remove stop in debug_load
due to Debugger.start getting called twice.
The fix -- for now -- is to add another parameter to debug_load
indicate not to increment debug_count. We could also make that
default in debug_load as well, but debug_load might be useful in
situations and where control_threads are not relevant (which is
why we
need to call Debugger.start rather than let debug_load do it).
Bug #19930
2008-05-05 18:05 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog, test/data/frame.right,
test/test-frame.rb: make test-frame installation independent. Bug
2008-05-01 23:16 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Remove a Texism. texinfo does not do or need
italic correction.
2008-04-30 20:14 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Fix doc for binding_n().
2008-04-29 14:00 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/method.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/classes.rb, test/data/methodsig.right: Small doc and test
improvements on 'method signature'
2008-04-29 13:37 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/continue.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
test/data/frame.cmd, test/data/frame.right: Test line number in
"continue" command for validity.
2008-04-29 09:11 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/method.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/variables.rb, test/classes.rb,
test/data/method.cmd, test/data/method.right,
test/data/methodsig.cmd, test/data/methodsig.right,
test/data/setshow.right, test/test-method.rb: Add "method
signature" command to show a method's signature.
2008-04-29 08:23 Rocky Bernstein
* test/config.yaml: Forgot to add this on last commit.
2008-04-28 16:42 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/set.rb, test/data/setshow.cmd,
test/data/setshow.right: Catch errors in improper set callstyle
parameter. Bug #19792
2008-04-28 16:16 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog, test/helper.rb: From Martin Krauskopf
via patch #19779
Allow folks to configure Ruby used for CLI tests in the
test/config.yaml. The defaults are for native Ruby, so nothing
to be done for ruby-debug.
Developers of interfaces other than cli might override
config.yaml by
customized config.private.yaml which is ignored. So there will be
trash in e.g. 'svn st' output when developer customize the Ruby
to be
Handy for alternative interface implementations using
2008-04-27 08:28 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-track.el: Reduce spurious
read-only setting when short-key is turned
on/off in the command buffer.
2008-04-25 02:54 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-gud.el,
emacs/rdebug-source.el, emacs/rdebug-track.el: Try to get
rdebug-track under control again.
Remove "<" in the command buffer as a local key setting.
Make more checkdoc friendly.
2008-04-22 02:49 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi, lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: Experiment with
debugger(steps=0). Puts us in the debugger call, but this may be
the best we can do for now. See tracker
2008-04-20 21:38 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/rdebug-emacs.texi, doc/ruby-debug.texi: rdebug-emacs.texi:
update nodes so makeinfo will work.
rdebug-texi: Note slight preference for ruby -rtracer over rdebug
2008-04-19 13:22 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c, test/bp_loop_issue.rb,
test/data/break_loop_bug.cmd, test/data/break_loop_bug.right,
test/data/breakpoints.cmd, test/data/breakpoints.right,
test/data/emacs_basic.right, test/test-break-bad.rb,
test/test-emacs-basic.rb: Change test for whether we have moved
off a line or not for purposes
of stopping at a breakpoint on a line. The line events for which
are normally two stops are on NODE if's before the if and after
expression evaluation. Tracker #19594.
2008-04-16 01:11 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ChangeLog, test/data/setshow.cmd,
test/data/setshow.right: In 0.10.2 now. Some work to cope systems
without readline. More work is needed.
Add test of "set autoeval." Undefined command message more
closely like gdb's.
2008-04-15 23:56 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Note that Debugger.start is currently broken
when used with a block.
2008-04-11 22:24 Anders Lindgren
* doc/rdebug-emacs.texi: Section on 'customize' added.
2008-04-10 08:49 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, lib/ChangeLog: linecache is
required by ruby-debug-base not ruby-debug. Thanks Martin!
2008-04-10 08:00 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, lib/ChangeLog: Last change before 0.10.1
2008-04-10 02:03 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, doc/rdebug-emacs.texi, lib/ChangeLog: Cosmetic stuff:
spelling corrections. Update node structure so texinfo
doesn't complain.
2008-04-09 21:22 Anders Lindgren
* doc/rdebug-emacs.texi: New chapter for multi-window debugging.
Intro reworked. NOTE: Menu nodes not updated.
2008-04-08 19:55 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el, emacs/test/test-shortkey.el: Logic in
rdebug-internal-short-key-mode reworked. Test case updated.
2008-04-08 14:52 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, lib/ChangeLog: autorequire is deprecated and
presumably no longer needed
2008-04-08 14:16 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/raise.right: Another test data line number change
2008-04-08 14:12 Rocky Bernstein
* test/tdebug.rb: tdebug.rb alignment with rdebug
2008-04-08 14:02 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/linetracep.cmd: Forgot to add this for the linetrace+
2008-04-08 14:01 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el, emacs/test/test-shortkey.el: Attempt a
fix at shortkey internal. There be dragons here. Not sure what's
going on.
2008-04-08 10:23 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/linetracep.right, test/test-trace.rb: Another linetrace
test. This time with linetrace+ set.
2008-04-08 10:19 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, test/data/linetrace.cmd,
test/data/linetrace.right, test/test-trace.rb: processor.rb:
Silence possibly more warnings under $DEBUG
test/*: another linetrace test using the linetrace command.
2008-04-08 03:17 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/output.right, test/data/quit.right: Test line numbers
changed. Sigh
2008-04-08 03:14 Rocky Bernstein
* test/tdebug.rb: Track rdebug.
2008-04-08 03:10 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-trace.rb: Oops forget this test
2008-04-08 03:09 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, test/data/trace.right,
test/tdebug.rb: Fix bug in --trace. Add regression test for that
as well.
Reduce (but alas not eliminate) extraneous line tracing.
2008-04-07 00:36 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, ChangeLog, emacs/, emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el,
emacs/test/test-shortkey.el, lib/ChangeLog,
lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: ruby-debug-base.rb: document
Debugger.start parameters.
CHANGES: Revise what's happened
test-shortkey.el: A failing regression test because I think
is not correct.
2008-04-06 03:03 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, test/data/test-init-cygwin.right, test/test-init.rb:
Assigning $0 on cygwin seems weird. cygwin readline different too
2008-04-06 02:13 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/test-init-osx.right, test/test-init.rb: read_command on
OSX seems to work differently. Punt for now.
2008-04-04 19:22 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/eval.rb: Sometimes remove_method isn't
2008-04-03 19:13 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Small typos.
2008-04-03 19:01 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, doc/ruby-debug.texi, lib/ChangeLog,
lib/ruby-debug-base.rb, test/pm-base.rb: Allow setting
:post_mortem => true from Debugger.start.
2008-04-03 14:22 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile: We'll require linecache 0.4 or better. (Use SVN for
now. Will be released at same time as ruby-debug).
2008-04-03 14:15 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/annotate.cmd, test/data/annotate.right,
test/data/post-mortem-osx.right, test/test-pm.rb: test-pm.rb,
post-mortem-osx.right: Allow for tmate command on OSX.
annotate.*: make sure 'set force on' doesn't happen.
2008-04-03 12:06 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/irb.rb: irb is no longer 'experimental'.
2008-04-02 00:50 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el: Auto indent.
2008-04-02 00:27 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el: Short-key mode is
turning itself on rather than off sometimes. More control over
trying to get rid of it when desired.
2008-03-30 03:01 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Note that rdebug with test/unit might work.
2008-03-28 13:53 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, lib/ChangeLog: Don't
unconditionally turn on short-key mode when annotations are on.
Use rdebug-short-key-mode setting to decide.
2008-03-23 17:47 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, cli/ruby-debug/commands/set.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/settings.rb, lib/ChangeLog: set.rb ->
settings.rb since it's already one command per file, and
remove another :nodoc.
Rakefile: split long line
2008-03-23 04:12 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, emacs/rdebug-core.el:
rdebug-core.el: allow rdebug-reset as an emasc command
show.rb: remove one more :nodoc
2008-03-21 19:04 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/rdebug-gud.el, emacs/test/test-cmd.el: Regularize names a
little bit. More work is needed though.
2008-03-21 18:39 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-gud.el: Clear breakpoint
icons when quitting the debugger.
2008-03-19 19:56 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: more on --keep-frame-binding (for Martin)
2008-03-19 15:07 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/list.rb, test/data/list.cmd,
test/data/list.right, test/data/raise.right: Fix bug in "list -":
was scrolling back to negative lines. Had also been skipping
lines in forward list.
2008-03-19 07:36 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb: remove 'nodoc' (and doc) from
InfoCommand class
2008-03-19 07:31 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/rdebug-emacs.texi: Spelling correction.
2008-03-19 00:44 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Some more spelling corrections.
2008-03-19 00:27 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Spell-checking corrections.
2008-03-18 19:47 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES: Try to make more readible.
2008-03-18 16:05 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/list.rb,
lib/ChangeLog, test/data/list.cmd, test/data/list.right,
test/test-finish.rb, test/test-list.rb: Fix bug in 'list' command
when wrapping off the end.
test-finish.rb: tolerate buggy in Ruby versions <= 1.8.7.
2008-03-18 00:43 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/list.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/reload.rb: Split off reload into its own
2008-03-17 14:29 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-cmd.el,
emacs/rdebug-fns.el, emacs/rdebug-locring.el,
emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el,
emacs/rdebug-track.el, emacs/rdebug-vars.el,
emacs/test/test-fns.el: Regularize location ring function names.
2008-03-17 04:03 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/stepping.rb,
test/data/stepping.right: stepping.rb: don't step if invalid
command.rb: remove dupliate defined warning msg
2008-03-17 03:34 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/stepping.rb: Small doc addition
2008-03-17 03:17 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/source.rb: Make source file-not-found and
2008-03-17 03:07 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/source.rb: tidy regexp
2008-03-17 03:05 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/script.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/source.rb: Rename to match command name.
Add miniscule doc.
2008-03-16 22:04 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/continue.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi: Doc
2008-03-16 16:38 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi, test/base/base.rb, test/base/catchpoint.rb,
test/base/load.rb: Add debug_load test. Document
Debugger::Context better. Small doc changes.
2008-03-16 15:01 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug: Typo.
2008-03-16 07:39 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/help.rb: Minor doc changes
2008-03-16 06:50 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/ctrl.cmd, test/data/ctrl.right: Make sure width is set
explicitly so we don't have vagaries of the environment.
2008-03-16 06:44 Rocky Bernstein
* test/data/stepping.cmd, test/data/stepping.right: Possibly patch
change to upcoming 1.8.7. Punt for now.
2008-03-16 04:03 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, cli/ruby-debug/commands/finish.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/quit.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/data/breakpoints.cmd, test/data/breakpoints.right,
test/data/finish.cmd, test/data/finish.right,
test/test-finish.rb: Change finish with no args to finish out of
the currently selected
frame and document that.
Add test for "finish" command.
ruby-debug.texi: Note 2nd-hook eval bug in "if" statements.
2008-03-13 02:15 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, cli/ruby-debug/commands/finish.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ruby-debug-base.rb, rdbg.rb: INCOMPATIBLE
CHANGE: "finish" works like gdb - stop just before the
most recent method finishes. Will now accept a number which stops
many frames completed. (Note that return line numbers will be
the first line of the method until Ruby 1.8.7.)
2008-03-11 03:53 Rocky Bernstein
* test/base/base.rb, test/base/catchpoint.rb: Reduce unnecessary
dependencies and scope.
2008-03-10 14:51 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/catchpoint.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb: "catch" is same as "info catch".
Document better "catch" command.
2008-03-10 13:28 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog, test/data/raise.right: Dunno why we are
now one line number less. So be it (for now).
2008-03-10 11:42 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/continue.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/stepping.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb:
Break out finish.rb and continue.rb from stepping.rb
2008-03-09 23:30 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog, test/data/info.right: For now
we require the duplicate numbers on conditionals.
2008-03-09 23:25 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile: Need at least linecache 0.3 now. Probably 0.4 for
2008-03-07 04:26 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, bin/rdebug, doc/ruby-debug.texi, test/test-dollar-0.rb:
Use ~/.rdboptrc (rdbopt.ini on MS Windows) to change default
2008-03-03 04:14 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/quit.rb: Split off quit to it's own file
since it doesn't share code with the
reset of "control". Smaller is better and it helps deal with
in the middle for extending debug 1.9 code.
2008-03-03 01:50 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/stepping.rb, test/data/stepping.cmd,
test/data/stepping.right: Allow spaces at the end of step and
next. Test ";" between commands.
2008-03-02 16:45 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/threads.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/data/frame.cmd, test/data/frame.right: Add ability to
specify a thread number in a "frame" command.
2008-03-02 13:47 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add Instructions for building on Microsoft
2008-03-02 13:07 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Small typo.
2008-03-02 04:20 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb, lib/ruby-debug-base.rb,
test/base/base.rb, test/data/breakpoints.right,
test/data/emacs_basic.right: Better error message for an invalid
break command.
2008-03-02 03:32 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-cmd.el: Bug in wrapping to newest in
2008-03-02 02:48 Rocky Bernstein
* test/base/base.rb, test/base/binding.rb, test/gcd-dbg-nox.rb:
Small changes. Use unshift instead of << and Remove from $: after
base.rb: Debugger.start -> Debugger.start_
2008-03-02 02:24 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/, doc/rdebug-emacs.texi, doc/ruby-debug.texi:
Split emacs stuff into it's own document. Right now this makes
worse. Hopefully the benefit over time will outweigh this.
2008-03-01 11:36 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Go over post-mortem section. Note the
weirdness concerning breakpoint
file names and how to scope out how to fix.
2008-03-01 03:39 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-cmd.el: Add message when wrapping source location
position. Not sure if this is right. We'll see.
2008-02-29 15:24 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-frames.el: Fix bug in
rdebug-older-location when ring is empty - index -1.
Set rdebug-frames-current-frame-number variable in comint buffer
which is
needed at least for source location history processing.
2008-02-29 10:41 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-cmd.el: Remove gud-gdb-complete command for now.
2008-02-29 04:34 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-fns.el, emacs/rdebug-frames.el,
emacs/rdebug-gud.el, emacs/rdebug-secondary.el,
emacs/rdebug-source.el: Wrap when ad top stack frame and trying
to go to a newer one. I think
the bindings for "<" and ">" were reversed. Some checkdoc
warnings addressed.
2008-02-29 01:33 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-track.el: Try to make more like rdebug. Get
M-up/M-down working.
Need to revisit this code and rdebug-core to understand, unify,
and simplify
2008-02-28 20:04 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: For the bogus-buffer, use something less
computationally intensive.
2008-02-28 05:06 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-fns.el,
lib/ChangeLog, test/data/breakpoints.cmd,
test/data/breakpoints.right: breakpoints.{cmd,right}: test for an
invalid stopping line number
rdebug-fns.el: move generic split-string-and-unquote from
rdebug-core.el: Add rdebug-common-init to replace
gud-common-init. Is
simpler, and finds files better via debugger output/annotations.
Fix bug in rdebug-setup-windows: gud-find-file can return nil,
we still need to set buf.
2008-02-27 04:04 Rocky Bernstein
* lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: Slightly more robust handle_post_mortem.
2008-02-26 17:31 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-fns.el,
emacs/rdebug-source.el, emacs/rdebug-vars.el,
emacs/test/test-fns.el, lib/ChangeLog: Go over source location
positioning. 0 is now the oldest (first) position. Add M-S-down
and M-S-up for first and last. More tests needed in test-fns.el
and need to prompt on wrap around.
2008-02-26 00:57 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
test/data/info.cmd, test/data/info.right: Fix bug in "info file
xxx breakpoints".
2008-02-25 12:39 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb: File.exists? -> File.exist? for Ruby
2008-02-24 16:36 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, lib/ChangeLog: rdebug; make more Ruby 1.9
2008-02-24 16:14 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, emacs/rdebug-regexp.el, lib/ChangeLog,
rdbg.rb: Minor changes.
rdbg.rb: don't need $DEBUG test any more
rdebug-regexp.el: go over with checkdoc
bin/rdebug: use PATH_SEPARATOR (for 'doze again)
2008-02-24 04:51 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
emacs/rdebug-fns.el, emacs/rdebug-layouts.el,
emacs/rdebug-secondary.el, emacs/rdebug-track.el,
emacs/test/test-fns.el, lib/ChangeLog, test/data/help.cmd,
test/data/help.right, test/test-help.rb: CLI: Add long help for
"info file".
test/test-help.rb: Make test failures easier to fix and more like
other tests.
emacs/test: finish testing all of the funcitons in rdebug-fns.el
rdebug-layouts.el: Make checkdoc clean.
rdebug-track.el: don't need to rename shell buffer. Do it as an
option only.
rdebug-secondary.el: get rid of hoaky buffer finding for at least
gud-comint-buf. (Should probably do others as well)
DOC: Note weird line stopping locations. Describe what "ctrl" in
prompt means.
2008-02-23 21:55 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-fns.el, emacs/test/test-fns.el: More stringent test
on rdebug-data-process-p. Add a unit test of this too. At least a
start at one.
2008-02-22 12:57 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el: Make gud-last-frame buffer local to all
secondary buffers.
2008-02-22 12:44 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-frames.el: Set source frame arrow type (top or not)
in processing the stack frame
annotation. Even though there is another setting in the anotation
filter hook, we can't remove it in main annotation filter because
can't assume annotate=3.
2008-02-22 09:31 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb: Need to handle glob expansion
in program script on restart.
File.exists? -> File.exist?
2008-02-22 06:50 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/rdebug-vars.el: Process status is now in color. Renamed
rdebug-mode-line-status to rdebug-inferior-status to be more like
gdb-ui. Moved some complexity from rdebug-mode-line-process to a
new function rdebug-display-inferior-status.
2008-02-22 02:40 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-fns.el, emacs/rdebug-gud.el,
emacs/rdebug-track.el, emacs/test/test-cmd.el: Add some error
checking around gud-call - like dead or nonexistent process.
Set gud-comint-buffer for rdebug-track
rdebug-call -> rdebug-call-return. rdebug-call is just the call
2008-02-21 19:26 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-cmd.el,
emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el: A couple of (if .. (progn ...)) turned
into (when ...).
2008-02-21 19:00 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-fns.el,
emacs/rdebug-track.el: More work on the simple rdebug-track mode
with respect to location
ring handling. A couple of out-and-out bugs removed.
2008-02-21 16:27 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-cmd.el,
emacs/rdebug-fns.el, emacs/rdebug-gud.el, emacs/rdebug-track.el:
Bang on rdebug-track.el to get to work better. Basically added
position tracking and more common initialization for key
2008-02-21 02:56 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/, emacs/rdebug-annotate.el,
emacs/rdebug-error.el, emacs/rdebug-fns.el,
emacs/rdebug-frames.el, emacs/rdebug-vars.el,
emacs/test/test-error.el, emacs/test/test-fns.el,
emacs/test/test-indent.el, lib/ChangeLog: Fringe for frame buffer
the same as in source code. Move
miscellaneous small functions to a new file. Reduce duplication
"chomp" code.
2008-02-20 17:16 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el: Process status is now 'running',
'stopped', 'exited', and 'crashed'. (Detecting the crash
situation is a hack, the prompt is checked if it contains
2008-02-20 07:09 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-breaks.el,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-error.el,
emacs/rdebug-frames.el, emacs/rdebug-help.el,
emacs/rdebug-info.el, emacs/rdebug-output.el,
emacs/rdebug-source.el, emacs/rdebug-varbuf.el,
emacs/rdebug-vars.el, emacs/rdebug-watch.el: Debugger status is
now displayed in the mode line of source and secondary buffers.
2008-02-19 23:44 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, emacs/rdebug-cmd.el,
lib/ChangeLog: rdebug-cmd.el: M-insert toggles shortkey mode in
the command buffer
rdebug: search for Ruby program if file is not found and no
chars in the filename
2008-02-19 15:20 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/settings.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/data/ctrl.right: Add "show post-mortem". Note "show port"
now requires 3 letters: "show por"
to distinguish it from "show post-mortem".
2008-02-19 13:56 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
emacs/rdebug-track.el: remove annotate=2. Emacs code can now
redirect output to command or to buffer.
2008-02-18 19:56 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, lib/ChangeLog: Frame
switching shouldn't be recorded in position history ring.
2008-02-18 04:49 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-frames.el,
emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el, emacs/rdebug-vars.el: Make
gud-comint-buffer local in the source file.
Frame indicator is hollow except when it's the top frame.
2008-02-17 23:51 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/emacs-notes.txt: Note as to how some of the emacs code is
2008-02-17 22:45 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/test/test-annotate.el: Fixed broken case (rdebug-call-queue
is now a list of lists).
2008-02-17 22:42 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el: Exit messages now go to the echo area.
New command kind supported in rdebug-call-queue, :message.
2008-02-17 22:00 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-dbg.el,
emacs/rdebug-info.el, emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el,
emacs/rdebug-source.el, emacs/test/test-annotate.el,
emacs/test/test-filter.el, emacs/test/test-frames.el,
emacs/test/test-regexp.el: test-filter.el -> test-annotate.el
Reinstate the ";;; redebug-xxx.el ends here" and ;;;
rdebug-xxx.el --- at the
2008-02-17 21:25 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el,
emacs/rdebug-source.el: Move short-key mode from source into
short-key. reduce redundancy a tad.
2008-02-17 17:52 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-breaks.el,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-frames.el,
emacs/rdebug-help.el, emacs/rdebug-info.el,
emacs/rdebug-output.el, emacs/rdebug-regexp.el,
emacs/rdebug-varbuf.el, emacs/rdebug-watch.el: Replace
rdebug--... with rdebug-. Run checkdoc and deal with some of
those errors.
2008-02-17 14:56 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-gud.el,
emacs/rdebug-info.el, emacs/rdebug-vars.el: The rdebug-call-queue
system reworked, each entry is now a list of the
command and options telling the system what it should do with the
output. Currently, :tooltip and :info are supported, but more can
easily be added (including support for lambda-expression, if
The info buffer now only displays things if explicitly asked to
do so.
Two proof-of-concept functions added,
and rdebug-pretty-print-region-to-buffer. Note that the user
might differ in the future (we don't want too many user-level
The info buffer is no longer treated as accumulative, this
the rdebug-cmd-XXX functions, but the user has to wait until the
command has terminated until the output is displayed in the info
2008-02-17 13:57 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
lib/ruby-debug-base.rb, test/data/post-mortem.right: Add
Debugger.last_exception. Show exception in post-mortem when "info
is issued. Reorganize list of major changes better.
2008-02-17 10:35 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el: Improve comment.
2008-02-17 10:32 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el: Remove rdebug-test-test which doesn't
seem to be used.
2008-02-17 03:57 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el: Move some
breakpoint-related code from rdebug-core.el to rdebug-breaks.el
2008-02-17 02:40 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-annotate.el,
emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-cmd.el,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-error.el,
emacs/rdebug-info.el, emacs/rdebug-shortkey.el,
emacs/rdebug-vars.el, emacs/test/test-error.el,
emacs/test/test-filter.el, emacs/test/test-regexp.el: Create
functions for showing temporary messages and error messages -
don't call show-tooltip() or message() directy.
Break out annotations and shortkeys from rdebug-core. Break out
test from regular-expression tests. Add chomp test.
2008-02-16 21:03 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: The error buffer should work correctly
again (untested)
2008-02-16 20:56 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-info.el,
emacs/test/test-regexp.el: Moved handling of command output out
from gud-rdebug-marker-filter. It
is now handled by rdebug-cmd-XXX (which used to be located in
rdebug-info.el.) Tooltip handling is now more robust, e.g. it
when more than one annotation is received at once, or if the
annotation arrives in split packages.
In case the external process echoes the command, it is stipped
before it is presented as a tooltip.
Test of filter function reworked. New cases added to handle
output. All filter tests are now tested twice, once when the
block is sent at once, one where the block is sent in character
2008-02-16 17:38 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/test/test-indent.el: Add routine to go to a particular
history location. Break out command buffer
things into its own file.
2008-02-16 13:47 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Show ring number when moving positions.
2008-02-16 04:18 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el,
emacs/rdebug-vars.el, emacs/rdebug.el: Save stopping points and
give a way to move around in them.
2008-02-13 21:47 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, lib/ChangeLog:
processor.rb: spelled "post-mortem" incorrectly in prompt.
2008-02-13 17:58 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-regexp.el,
emacs/rdebug-track.el: Use rdebug-input-prompt-regexp rather than
duplicate strings. Set comint-next/previous-prompt
2008-02-13 17:32 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/rdebug-core.el, lib/ChangeLog: Set up keys for
comint-next-prompt and comint-previous-prompt.
2008-02-13 13:08 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile: Newer rubygems depricates Gem::Platform::WIN32
2008-02-13 03:47 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-gud.el, emacs/rdebug-vars.el:
Add ability to show print output as a tooltip. This is more a
proof-of-concept than a finished product.
2008-02-12 05:34 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Better documentation for
2008-02-12 02:06 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
lib/ChangeLog, test/data/info-thread.right, test/thread1.rb: Fix
bug in "info thread verbose" which wasn't showing full traceback.
2008-02-11 02:29 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/threads.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/data/ctrl.right, test/data/info-thread.cmd,
test/data/info-thread.right, test/data/info.right,
test/test-info-thread.rb: Add "info thread". Pound on "info
threads" to make it more like
pydb. In particular we can give stack traces for the threads.
addressing issue #12663.
2008-02-10 20:46 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-info.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el: Add key to get to
Info buffer. Add "pl" to list of print commands.
2008-02-10 17:46 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, emacs/, emacs/rdebug-core.el:,
rdebug-core.el: require/add rdebug-info.el
Rakefile: some indentation
2008-02-10 16:06 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-info.el: Got rid of warning. (Had to disabled it the
hard way since rdebug-info calls a function in rdebug-core, but
can't require it because that would lead to cyclic requires.)
2008-02-10 16:01 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/rdebug-info.el, emacs/rdebug-layouts.el,
emacs/rdebug-output.el, emacs/rdebug-vars.el,
emacs/test/test-indent.el: New secondary window 'info', which
displays output of events and
certain commands. The non-annotated-text system reworked to
this. This should be seen as a proof of concept that we can pick
the output of, say, "pp". The end result could very well differ
a lot from what we have now.
New variable 'rdebug-accumulative-buffer', true for buffers that
Currently "output" and "info".
2008-02-10 01:39 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-gud.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el,
emacs/rdebug-varbuf.el: Add more variations of print commands:
pl, ps, pp, and p.
2008-02-09 22:20 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-layouts.el,
emacs/rdebug-source.el, emacs/rdebug.el: * New window layout "no
shell". This is the "standard" layout with the
"watch" window instead of the "debugger shell" window.
* Fixed a problem where the Watch window was not initialized
until the first annotation arrived.
* Fixed a problem where we created far too many buffers, e.g
*rdebug-stopping-test.rb* and *rdebug--test.rb*.
2008-02-09 16:24 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-frames.el, emacs/rdebug-layouts.el,
emacs/test/test-indent.el: Indentation fixes, plus adding all
rdebug-xxx.el files to the list of files to check.
2008-02-09 15:48 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog, test/data/break-bad.cmd,
test/data/break-bad.right, test/data/break_bad.cmd,
test/data/break_bad.right, test/data/emacs-basic.cmd,
test/data/emacs-basic.right, test/data/emacs_basic.cmd,
test/data/emacs_basic.right, test/helper.rb,
test/test-break-bad.rb, test/test-emacs-basic.rb: helper.rb
Failed attempt to DRY tests more. But save what we have
which may someday in the future be used to go further. Minus to
undercore in Data file names in preparation such time. (We'll use
filename as the test name).
2008-02-09 11:55 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c, test/data/post-mortem-next.cmd,
test/data/post-mortem-next.right, test/data/post-mortem.cmd,
test/data/post-mortem.right, test/test-pm.rb: Fix bug where we
entered debugger code if we "next" over code that
goes raises an uncaught exception. Needed to reset stepping
parameters. Added a routine to do so.
2008-02-08 02:09 Rocky Bernstein
* INSTALL.SVN: Add instructions for building on MS Windows.
2008-02-06 18:15 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/rdebug-gud.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el,
emacs/rdebug-varbuf.el: Add routines to print a marked expression
or a variable in the
variables buffer. Not perfect but it's a start in the right
Add key bindings for this and to print a region selected via the
2008-02-06 16:15 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/, emacs/rdebug-gud.el,
emacs/test/test-gud.el, lib/ChangeLog: Add 'nowarn to
find-file-noselect and test that we don't get a warning.
2008-02-05 16:30 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb: Remove "* used as prefix argument"
2008-02-05 07:52 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-layouts.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el: Added 'Separate
I/O buffer' to options menu. The window layouts now create an
output buffer only when separate io buffer is enabled.
2008-02-05 01:41 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/rdebug-track.el, emacs/rdebug.el, lib/ChangeLog,
test/data/setshow.cmd, test/data/setshow.right: rdebug.el: Add a
defgroup for rdebug so customization in Emacs 23 is possible.
Some other minor doc fixes.
setshow.* make sure we don't have an $Id line that we have to
check against.
2008-02-04 21:50 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug.el: New variable
'rdebug-use-separate-io-buffer' controls if output should go to
shell window or the output window. Contiuous output can now be
received from a running process. 'gud-rdebug-marker-filter'
totally reworked (again) -- introduced the concept of one-liners
and a new helper function.
2008-02-03 20:26 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-regexp.el: Annotation filter
reworked. comint-process-echoes is now set, so that the user
commands aren't printed twice. 'quit' now works correcty, and the
stack frame window shows the correct content when post-mortem is
2008-02-03 15:23 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, doc/ruby-debug.texi, lib/ChangeLog,
test/annotate.cmd, test/annotate.right, test/break-bad.cmd,
test/break-bad.right, test/breakpoints.cmd,
test/breakpoints.right, test/condition.cmd, test/condition.right,
test/ctrl.cmd, test/ctrl.right, test/data,
test/data/annotate.cmd, test/data/annotate.right,
test/data/break-bad.cmd, test/data/break-bad.right,
test/data/breakpoints.cmd, test/data/breakpoints.right,
test/data/condition.cmd, test/data/condition.right,
test/data/ctrl.cmd, test/data/ctrl.right, test/data/display.cmd,
test/data/display.right, test/data/dollar-0.right,
test/data/dollar-0a.right, test/data/dollar-0b.right,
test/data/edit.cmd, test/data/edit.right,
test/data/emacs-basic.cmd, test/data/emacs-basic.right,
test/data/enable.cmd, test/data/enable.right,
test/data/frame.cmd, test/data/frame.right, test/data/help.cmd,
test/data/help.right, test/data/history.right,
test/data/info-var-bug2.cmd, test/data/info-var-bug2.right,
test/data/info-var.cmd, test/data/info-var.right,
test/data/info.cmd, test/data/info.right, test/data/noquit.right,
test/data/output.cmd, test/data/output.right,
test/data/post-mortem.cmd, test/data/post-mortem.right,
test/data/quit.cmd, test/data/quit.right, test/data/raise.cmd,
test/data/raise.right, test/data/setshow.cmd,
test/data/setshow.right, test/data/source.cmd,
test/data/source.right, test/data/stepping.cmd,
test/data/stepping.right, test/data/test-init.right,
test/display.cmd, test/display.right, test/dollar-0.right,
test/dollar-0a.right, test/dollar-0b.right, test/edit.cmd,
test/edit.right, test/emacs-basic.cmd, test/emacs-basic.right,
test/enable.cmd, test/enable.right, test/frame.cmd,
test/frame.right, test/help.cmd, test/help.right, test/helper.rb,
test/history.right, test/info-var-bug2.cmd,
test/info-var-bug2.right, test/info-var.cmd, test/info-var.right,
test/info.cmd, test/info.right, test/noquit.right,
test/output.cmd, test/output.right, test/post-mortem.cmd,
test/post-mortem.right, test/quit.cmd, test/quit.right,
test/raise.cmd, test/raise.right, test/setshow.cmd,
test/setshow.right, test/source.cmd, test/source.right,
test/stepping.cmd, test/stepping.right, test/test-annotate.rb,
test/test-break-bad.rb, test/test-breakpoints.rb,
test/test-condition.rb, test/test-ctrl.rb, test/test-display.rb,
test/test-dollar-0.rb, test/test-edit.rb,
test/test-emacs-basic.rb, test/test-enable.rb,
test/test-frame.rb, test/test-help.rb, test/test-hist.rb,
test/test-info-var.rb, test/test-info.rb, test/test-init.rb,
test/test-init.right, test/test-output.rb, test/test-pm.rb,
test/test-quit.rb, test/test-raise.rb, test/test-setshow.rb,
test/test-source.rb, test/test-stepping.rb: Try to get testing a
little more organized, although more work should
be done: Create a data directory for comparison ("right") and
command ("cmd") files. Code is now more uniform (and should DRY'd
bit more).
2008-02-03 12:34 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Remove Debugger.init. Expand Debugger.start,
Debugger.stop and Debugger.started?
2008-02-03 04:17 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/catchpoint.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, test/raise.cmd,
test/raise.right: Add some argument checking in setting
Showing status on "info catch" is a little silly - we can't
recover from
an exception.
2008-02-02 23:10 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/edit.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/eval.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/help.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/list.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/save.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/threads.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
lib/ChangeLog, test/breakpoints.right, test/emacs-basic.right,
test/pm.rb, test/post-mortem.cmd, test/post-mortem.right,
test/test-emacs-basic.rb, test/test-init.rb, test/test-pm.rb,
test/test-quit.rb: Remove commands in post-mortem which are not
applicable, e.g."step",
"next", "continue"...
"No breakpoints have been set" is now an error message when
trying to
set a breakpoint.
Add post-mortem test.
Debug.init no longer exists.
2008-02-02 18:16 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Changing window layout no longer clears the
secondary windows.
2008-02-02 16:14 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el: All window layout
menu items are not collected in one place. Comment fixes.
2008-02-02 09:27 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ruby-debug-base.rb,
test/gcd-dbg.rb: Remove Debugger.init and fold options parameter
into Debugger.start.
Old Debugger.start has been renamed Deebugger.start_
2008-02-01 03:09 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, Rakefile, bin/rdebug,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
ext/breakpoint.c, ext/ruby_debug.c, ext/ruby_debug.h,
test/base/base.rb, test/base/catchpoint.rb, test/ctrl.right,
test/info.right: Allow multiple exceptions to be caught.
INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: varible Debugger.catchpoint a String was
into Debugger.catchpoints, a Hash. Debugger.catchpoint= no longer
exists. Debugger.set_catchpoint was turned into
"info catch" added.
INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: variable Debugger.catchpoint is now
which is a now hash rather than a String. Debugger.catchpoint= no
longer exists.
A catchpoint ruby-debug-base test added. use unshift in requires.
rdebug: --post-mortem now really catches uncaught exceptions and
brings you to post-mortem handling.
2008-01-31 18:29 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-frames.el: In the frames and
breakpoint windows, the left mouse button simply sets the point.
Double-clicking selects the item. The second and third mouse
button also selects.
2008-01-31 16:30 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ChangeLog: Leave ruby_debug.c
this way for now.
2008-01-31 16:24 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, ext/ruby_debug.c,
lib/ChangeLog, test/raise.right, test/tdebug.rb: ruby_debug.c:
more adventures in exception handling
processor.rb: Removal of crash when annotate is on. Need to fix
the source of the
problem though.
2008-01-31 15:16 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, lib/ruby-debug-base.rb, test/output.right,
test/quit.right, test/raise.rb, test/raise.right, test/tdebug.rb:
Handle post-mortem and exception traceback reporting in
2008-01-31 03:01 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, ext/ruby_debug.c, test/helper.rb, test/quit.right,
test/tdebug.rb, test/test-quit.rb, test/test-raise.rb: Have
Debug.load recover from uncaught error raised in a debugged
Go over regression tests.
2008-01-30 21:33 Anders Lindgren
* test/raise.cmd, test/raise.rb, test/raise.right,
test/test-raise.rb: Test case ensuring that an error in the user
code doesn't cause the debugger to single step it's own code.
(This is currently broken.)
2008-01-30 17:13 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb: Add broken "info file"
2008-01-30 17:01 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb,
lib/ChangeLog, test/condition.right: Add Command.find() to find a
subcommand name.
condition.right: correct for breakpoint hit counts.
2008-01-30 11:33 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-output.el,
emacs/rdebug-track.el: Add keybindings in shell, output and
command buffers for going to a
traceback line or a $! traceback line.
rdebug-common-initialization -> rdebug-command-initialization and
up docstring.
rdebug-core.el: Bug in handling --emacs introduced when a
parameter was added
rdebug-track.el: start with annotate 2.
2008-01-30 01:43 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
test/breakpoints.right, test/emacs-basic.right: Add number of
times a breakpoint is hit like gdb does.
2008-01-29 22:37 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, lib/ChangeLog:
Columnize breakpoint output.
2008-01-29 22:19 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb, emacs/rdebug-frames.el,
test/test-ctrl.rb: test-ctrl.rb: try to make it influenced less
by environment.
rdebug-frames.el remove unused local variable.
2008-01-29 21:13 Anders Lindgren
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb, emacs/rdebug-frames.el,
emacs/rdebug-secondary.el: * Fixed a problem where the source
buffer opened in the wrong window.
Turned out that the Stack Frame buffer setup function tried to
display the current frame itself, instead of letting the normal
source annotations handle this.
* Fixed a problem with an annotation turning up in the debugger
buffer. The 'frame' command emitted a source annotation without
"source" part.
* In the stack frame window, when selecting a frame to display,
point is now placed at the beginning of the line of the active
* Internal restructuring of the pick source window parts.
2008-01-29 19:58 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-frames.el: In the frame secondary buffer, put point
somewhere on the line with
the active frame. (It had been at the end of the buffer.)
2008-01-29 19:16 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-layouts.el: So for a layout with one less window and
the command buffer on the bottom.
2008-01-29 11:20 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-layouts.el,
emacs/rdebug-source.el, emacs/rdebug.el, emacs/test/test-core.el,
lib/ChangeLog: More annotate=2 fixes.
2008-01-29 05:03 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: In Emacs, the current directory of the
debugger shell process is now the directory in which it was
2008-01-28 21:11 Rocky Bernstein
* test/history.right, test/test-hist.rb: Disable for now.
2008-01-28 16:18 Rocky Bernstein
* test/helper.rb, test/test-hist.rb: Some more work on test-hist.
Not working yet completely though.
2008-01-28 15:59 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
test/helper.rb, test/test-dollar-0.rb, test/test-hist.rb,
test/test-output.rb: Add info file breakpoints to show lines
which we can set a breakpoint on.
Revise so we chdir into SRC_DIR.
test-hist.rb is broken - will fix later.
2008-01-28 15:50 Rocky Bernstein
* test/history.right: Comparison file for test-hist.rb
2008-01-28 03:16 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ Don't remove Unix manual page.
2008-01-28 03:15 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi: Make show
commands a little more like gdb. Document it too.
2008-01-28 02:24 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb,
test/ctrl.right, test/test-enable.rb, test/test-hist.rb:
interface.rb: Command history not saved between local rdebug
sessions. Patch from Martin Krauskopf #17491.
show.rb: add "show commands" so we can see the command history.
test/* Add a history regression test.
2008-01-26 17:12 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-frames.el: debug--setup-frame-buffer rewritten from
scratch, it's now a lot simpler since it no longer has to handle
2008-01-26 17:10 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-layouts.el: comment fix.
2008-01-26 16:33 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-frames.el: Coloring added to
the Stack frames window
2008-01-26 01:45 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-annotate.rb, test/test-enable.rb, test/test-init.rb,
test/test-init.right: Add test of new Debugger.init
2008-01-25 21:02 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Document info subcommands and Debugger.init.
Start Class, Module,
method index. Order of index changed slightly.
2008-01-25 12:11 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
lib/ruby-debug-base.rb, test/gcd-dbg-nox.rb, test/gcd-dbg.rb: Add
Debugger.init which intializes things that rdebug does. This
allows a restart even though rdebug wasn't called initially.
2008-01-23 02:53 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/enable.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/help.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, test/breakpoints.cmd,
test/breakpoints.right, test/enable.cmd, test/enable.right,
test/help.cmd, test/help.right, test/test-enable.rb,
test/test-help.rb: Add subcommand/long help for enable, disable,
set, and show. Put Subcommand structure in Command. More work is
needed to reduce redundancy.
2008-01-22 23:15 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/help.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
test/annotate.cmd, test/annotate.right, test/ctrl.right,
test/info.cmd, test/info.right, test/test-edit.rb,
test/test-source.rb: Allow "help info xxx". Add ability for long
help on "info" command.
Add "info break xx".
test: remove test/unit class name conflicts. All the tests we
now get run.
2008-01-22 18:48 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-secondary.el: A small comment spelling mistake.
2008-01-20 22:01 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb, test/break-bad.cmd,
test/break-bad.right, test/breakpoints.cmd,
test/breakpoints.right, test/rdebug-save.1, test/source.right,
test/test-break-bad.rb: We now only allow breakpoints on stopping
lines. We get this via
linecache which ultimately gets it from ParseTree.
2008-01-19 19:28 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, lib/ChangeLog, test/base, test/base/base.rb,
test/base/binding.rb, test/test-ruby-debug-base.rb: Move
ruby-debug-base tests to base directory. Add a binding_n
regression test.
2008-01-17 22:29 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb: lines -> size.
2008-01-17 20:28 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, test/ctrl.right,
test/info.right: Add "info file" in addition to "info files" Use
some features in linecache 0.3
which are in SVN only. Give SHA1, number of lines and timestamp
on a specific
2008-01-17 06:58 Rocky Bernstein
* test/ctrl.right: info file -> info files
2008-01-17 03:33 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, test/info.right: "info file" ->
"info files" as per gdb.
2008-01-16 18:42 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
test/annotate.right, test/breakpoints.right,
test/condition.right, test/display.right, test/emacs-basic.right,
test/info-var.right: Need to present source filename (__FILE__)
as Ruby and therefore breakpoint
sees it.
2008-01-16 12:30 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-track.el: Slightly better rdebug-track-attach
initialization. Still has problems, but it's better.
2008-01-16 02:19 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/list.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: Line caching moved to an external gem,
linecache. We now require
version 0.2 of that or greater.
2008-01-16 01:14 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-source.el: Get insert working again.
2008-01-16 01:13 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-secondary.el: Typo.
2008-01-16 00:23 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Chomp error before message'ing.
2008-01-15 23:41 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: When starting 'rdebug' the first time, the
file name of the current buffer is suggested as script name.
2008-01-15 23:34 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el: Local short key
mode renamed to internal short key mode. Original read-only
status saved in local variable. Minor mode text 'ShortKey' added.
2008-01-15 23:04 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/rdebug-dbg.el, emacs/rdebug-error.el,
emacs/rdebug-frames.el, emacs/rdebug-gud.el,
emacs/rdebug-help.el, emacs/rdebug-layouts.el,
emacs/rdebug-output.el, emacs/rdebug-regexp.el,
emacs/rdebug-secondary.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el,
emacs/rdebug-track.el, emacs/rdebug-varbuf.el,
emacs/rdebug-vars.el, emacs/rdebug-watch.el, emacs/rdebug.el:
Comment fixes.
2008-01-15 22:48 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el: Breakpoints font-lock rules even more
generous, now all characters are matched.
2008-01-15 22:44 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: rdebug-get-script-name now skips ruby
options, if present
2008-01-15 07:56 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el: File names can have a - in them.
2008-01-15 06:51 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el: The source
breakpoint toggle and toggle enabled commands, when issued in the
breakpoints window, do the right thing. In other non-file buffers
they do nothing.
2008-01-15 04:57 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/test/test-core.el: indentation.
2008-01-15 04:56 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/test/test-core.el: More tests.
2008-01-14 22:22 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el: Replaced code coloring breakpoint buffer
with font-lock rules. Now coloring of breakpoints of kind
'Type:function' works.
2008-01-14 07:00 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/test/test-core.el:
rdebug-get-script-name now handles something else than 'rdebug'
as command name. Rewritten to get rid of unmaintanable recursive
2008-01-14 06:58 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/test/test-cmd.el: Breakpoints are now parsed and cached
when a new annotation arrives.
2008-01-14 06:57 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el: Breakpoints are now parsed and cached
when a new annotation arrives.
2008-01-14 01:31 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-track.el, lib/ChangeLog: Make
rdebug-track work better in the face of prompt and error
control.rb: need another test when rdebug not called initially.
2008-01-13 22:03 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-layouts.el: A couple more
stack -> frame spots missed
2008-01-13 21:51 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-frames.el,
emacs/rdebug-source.el, ext/breakpoint.c, lib/ChangeLog: Some
stack -> frame renaming
ext/breakpoint.c: put methods in alpha order (to help with
reference man)
breakpoints.rb: one print -> errmsg
2008-01-13 21:19 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add info about the 3 kinds of interfaces and
give some
Debugger::Breakpoint methods.
2008-01-13 20:32 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-output.rb: Seems we don't get a core dump any more.
2008-01-13 18:13 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/condition.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/help.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
emacs/, emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-error.el,
emacs/rdebug-output.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el, lib/ChangeLog,
test/annotate.cmd, test/annotate.right, test/breakpoints.right,
test/condition.right, test/edit.right, test/emacs-basic.right,
test/frame.right: Create errmsg routine for error output, start
tagging error messages
as errors. Under annotate 3, output errors similar to gdb
does (although still simplified). Have Emacs pick up debugger
2008-01-13 04:05 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/enable.rb, cli/ruby-debug/helper.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
lib/ChangeLog, test/condition.cmd, test/condition.right: Check
validity of expressions in breakpoint conditions and don't allow
enabling a syntactically invalid expression.
Start noting messages which are errors via an errmsg routine.
2008-01-12 13:35 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES: Typo.
2008-01-12 13:22 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Typo.
2008-01-12 12:45 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-frames.el: breaks.el
gdb-put-breakpoint-icon seems to want to string for a breakpoint
number and our entries are
frames.el: wasn't resetting search string to first line pattern
(for subsequent testing of
whether this is the current frame) after processing split entry
with file/line position. Break out
a common routine rdebug-stack-buffer-field which also seems to
simplify it.
2008-01-12 10:56 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el: Breakpoint icons are now displayed in the
margin. This is a simple implementation that used gdb-ui to do
the actual display.
2008-01-11 18:04 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-frames.el,
emacs/rdebug-regexp.el, emacs/test/test-frames.el: Process frames
which are split across two lines. DRY a little
and add the first frame test.
2008-01-11 15:08 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/ ELC typo.
2008-01-11 14:01 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/ Don't give an error on "make test" if emacs is
not around.
2008-01-11 10:26 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, doc/ruby-debug.texi, lib/ChangeLog:
Document that ruby-debug resets $0. Align program options in ref
manual and --help. Alphabetize better.
2008-01-11 10:10 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, bin/rdebug, test/output.right, test/quit.right,
test/tdebug.rb, test/test-quit.rb: rdebug: do syntax checking
when running as server as well as local interface. --no-quit
intercepts Syntax Errors now
(which shouldn't happen and means there's another bug in there to
fix; but robustness is good.)
Bring tdebug.rb more in line iwth rdebug until we can get rid of
it altogether. Note some of the current weaknesses.
2008-01-10 22:56 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, lib/ChangeLog, test/dollar-0.rb,
test/dollar-0.right, test/dollar-0a.right, test/dollar-0b.right,
test/test-dollar-0.rb: More correct $0 fix. Deal with the case ./
is automatically added.
However this might not be right in all cases.
2008-01-10 22:25 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/test/test-core.el,
lib/ChangeLog: Was gobbling arg in processing --emacs. Add test.
2008-01-10 21:57 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, emacs/rdebug-core.el, test/dollar-0.rb,
test/dollar-0.right, test/helper.rb, test/test-dollar-0.rb: Fix
for "if $0 == __FILE__" idiom. Bug #16038
rdebug-core.el add '--'; -emacs -> --emacs
rdebug: add subroutines for calling debugger and processing
2008-01-10 10:34 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/condition.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/enable.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
doc/ruby-debug.texi, emacs/, emacs/rdebug-breaks.el,
emacs/rdebug-regexp.el, emacs/test/test-regexp.el,
ext/breakpoint.c, lib/ChangeLog, test/condition.cmd,
test/condition.right, test/test-breakpoints.rb,
test/test-condition.rb: Add condition command.
2008-01-10 09:07 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-frames.el, emacs/rdebug-regexp.el,
emacs/test/test-cmd.el: rdebug-frames.el: fix redisplay of source
when frames change by running rdebug-display-line in creating
frame buffer. require things we need to require to eval this
file. set-local-variables.
rdebug-regexp.el: add constants for file and line stack positions
in regexp.
test-cmd.el: rdebug-cmd -> rdebug-gud.
2008-01-09 23:00 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-gud.el,
emacs/test/test-indent.el: Some more GUD things moved to gud-el.
2008-01-09 22:56 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-breaks.el, emacs/rdebug-cmd.el,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-gud.el,
emacs/rdebug-regexp.el: rdebug-cmd.el -> rdebug-gud.el
Move gud things from rdebug-core.el to rdebug-gud.el
2008-01-09 22:37 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el: Allow [insert] to
turn on/off short-key-mode.
2008-01-09 19:10 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, emacs/rdebug-dbg.el, lib/ChangeLog:
Rakefile: rdebug.rb -> rdbg.el
rdebug-dbg.el: Add $Id$
2008-01-09 19:03 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/, emacs/rdebug-breaks.el,
emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-dbg.el,
emacs/rdebug-frames.el, emacs/rdebug-help.el,
emacs/rdebug-output.el, emacs/rdebug-secondary.el,
emacs/rdebug-track.el, emacs/rdebug-varbuf.el,
emacs/rdebug-watch.el, emacs/test/test-indent.el,
emacs/test/test-regexp.el, lib/ChangeLog: Break out secondary
buffer into their own file, and also internal
debug code and general secondary commands. Secondary buffer code
removed from rdebug-cmd and moved into the appropriate file.
rdebug-edit-variables-value is not defined so comment out for
2008-01-08 16:11 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Change indentation.
2008-01-08 16:04 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog, rdbg.rb: Restore $: to the value it was
before rdebug call.
2008-01-08 12:04 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-layouts.el,
emacs/rdebug-vars.el: rdebug-layouts.rb, window
layouts - split off from rdebug-core.el
Add some output commands: command to add a marker line, clear the
output window, and allow undo.
2008-01-08 06:30 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el: New and old
byte-compile warnings eliminated.
2008-01-08 02:36 Rocky Bernstein
* INSTALL.SVN, Rakefile, rdbg.rb, test/helper.rb,
test/test-breakpoints.rb, test/test-output.rb, test/test-quit.rb:
Rewrite in Ruby: rdbg.rb
Were it not for a bug that needs to be fixed, we could
remove test-output.rb hits this bug.
2008-01-07 23:02 Rocky Bernstein
* README: Note need for VC6.
2008-01-07 20:51 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES: What's changed.
2008-01-07 20:38 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/variables.rb, lib/ChangeLog: Add "var
class". This means "var const .." can no longer be abbreviated
"var c"; use "var co" instead.
(Or "var const" or "var constant"
2008-01-07 19:57 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
test/info-var-bug.rb, test/info-var.cmd, test/info-var.right: Add
class level variables to "info variables"
2008-01-07 17:37 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, lib/ChangeLog,
test/annotate.right, test/info-var-bug2.right,
test/info-var.right, test/output.right, test/test-info-var.rb:
Add "self" to list "info variables" spits out.
2008-01-07 10:36 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/ Missing a backslash to continue a line.
2008-01-07 10:21 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Fixed problem with byte-compile warning due
to an extra comma.
2008-01-07 09:59 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, bin/rdebug, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
lib/ChangeLog: --emacs sets width to 120. rdebug-core.el will
reset to 120 unless it's already that.
2008-01-07 09:08 Rocky Bernstein
* README: Add Anders' instruction on how to compile in MS Windows
(modified slightly).
2008-01-07 04:29 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog,, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog: Split out
ChangeLogs better (I hope).
2008-01-06 21:16 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug: Syntax error.
2008-01-06 20:56 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-regexp.el,
emacs/test/test-regexp.el, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog,
test/emacs-basic.cmd, test/emacs-basic.right, test/quit.right,
test/tdebug.rb, test/test-emacs-basic.rb: test/*-emacs-basic*,
tdebug: Add test of running in Emacs without annotations.
emacs/*.el: make regexp tests work again, move regexp to from
core to regexp.
Add an annotate regexp test.
processor.rb: Remove some anotation print from bleeding into
when annotations are not wanted. Reinstate "Program finished" in
annotations and outside (rdebug).
2008-01-06 18:55 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, emacs/,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/test/test-indent.el, ext/ChangeLog,
lib/ChangeLog, test/annotate.right, test/output.right: Create
Processor class and subclass that. Perhaps a mixin would be good.
Remove annotation output bleanding when annotate is off.
Try to reduce the mess annotations is adding to processor.rb
rdebug-core.el: fix indentation to pass the regression test
Anders added Add rdebug-source.el to distribution.
Make sure "rake test"
2008-01-06 12:31 Anders Lindgren
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/rdebug-regexp.el: Emacs interface adopted to new
annotations scheme.
2008-01-06 06:46 Rocky Bernstein
* test/source.right: correct output for source test
2008-01-06 06:44 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/save.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/script.rb, cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, test/rdebug-save.1, test/source.cmd,
test/test-source.rb: The source command now allows us to read in
breakpoint in the current
context. More work is needed but this is a start.
2008-01-06 02:15 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/script.rb, cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog: Some
work on saving state across a restart. More work is needed on the
script command to get this working. The save-file name is now
optional. save.rb split off from script.rb Display expressions
some settings are now captured in the save/restore file.
Add interface.finalize - things that need to be done before quit
2008-01-05 21:16 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog,
test/annotate.right, test/output.cmd, test/output.right,
test/quit.right, test/tdebug.rb, test/test-output.rb: More work
to make annotate more like gdb's. starting/stopping/exiting
should be more similar. Some code has been commented out until we
the Emacs interface to match. See "FIXME: ANNOTATE" in
Also regression tests for output and annotate currently fail for
2008-01-05 16:32 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-source.el, emacs/rdebug.el,
emacs/test/test-indent.el: rdebug-source.el now spawned off from
2008-01-05 15:46 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-source.el: Initial commit of split of
rdebug-code.el. (Currently, rdebug-source.el is straight copy of
2008-01-05 15:05 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: New commands for displaying to the source
buffer 'rdebug-display-source-buffer' and ...-resync'. The former
is bound to S in the secondary buffers. Added View->Source to the
menu bar.
2008-01-05 13:46 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/edit.rb, cli/ruby-debug/helper.rb,
doc/ruby-debug.texi, test/ctrl.right, test/edit.cmd,
test/edit.right, test/test-edit.rb: Add edit command.
breakpoints.rb/helper.rb: bad regular-expression separation.
2008-01-05 13:24 Anders Lindgren
* test/output.cmd, test/output.rb, test/output.right,
test/test-output.rb: Added test case for the 'starting'
annotation. (It currently fails since the annotation is broken.)
2008-01-05 10:40 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: New selection algorithm for picking the
best secondary window, as suggested in rubyforge issue 1950.
2008-01-05 10:36 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb: Catch places were we
can't set breakpoints or delete breakpoints because
we don't have context set.
2008-01-04 07:43 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb: @history_save can sometimes be
undefined. Test for it so we don't get a warning
when $DEBUG/$WARING is true.
2008-01-03 18:54 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug.el: When running 'make' (comp-elisp) an error was
triggered. This is probably a problem in comp-elisp since nil is
part of the initial load-path. A work-around was added in
2008-01-03 15:44 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Deal with a killed gud-comint-buffer.
2008-01-03 10:34 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/test/test-indent.el: Indentation: fixed problem with test
case and some real minor indentation issues.
2008-01-03 10:34 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/ Filename typo.
2008-01-03 07:33 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug.el: The
directory of rdebug.el is added to the load-path. (The trick to
add . doesn't work since it referes to the current directory of
the current user buffer, not the file being loaded.)
2008-01-03 07:11 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Added a Options->Window Layout submenu. It
sets and redisplays the window layout, so that the user can try
out the available window layouts.
2008-01-02 20:35 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/helper.rb, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog:
helper.rb: add regexp for a position. TODO: add parsing routine
and use in
various commands
2008-01-02 17:39 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/rdebug-regexp.el, emacs/rdebug-track.el, emacs/rdebug.el:
New comment headers added. Minor rearrangement of functions.
2008-01-02 17:31 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-ruby-debug-base.rb: A little more robust.
2008-01-02 14:41 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, emacs/rdebug.el,
ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog, test/annotate.right: processor.rb:
Redo where starting/exiting annotations are done.
rdebug.el: back off on setting output command for now.
2008-01-02 04:17 Rocky Bernstein
* test/quit.cmd, test/quit.right, test/tdebug.rb,
test/test-quit.rb: --no-quit bug fixed. But we don't know how to
test it properly yet.
2008-01-02 04:04 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, cli/ruby-debug/theend.rb,
test/annotate.right, test/ctrl.cmd, test/ctrl.right,
test/test-ctrl.rb, test/test-help.rb, test/test-info.rb: Redo how
--no-quit is handled. We now go into a control state with
limited commands.
Add annotation for "exiting"
Add regression test for ctrl debugger state. "info" commands are
allowed this state although most don't do anything. Some tests
comments corrected.
2008-01-01 15:23 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog: Fix --emacs
to do --no-quit properly.
2008-01-01 09:00 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, ext/ChangeLog, ext/breakpoint.c, ext/ruby_debug.c,
ext/ruby_debug.h, lib/ChangeLog: Remove RDoc warnings caused
because C files have been split up.
2008-01-01 08:18 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug.el: Add
rdebug-user-separate-io-buffer to let folks decide where output
should appear - similar to gdb-ui's
Move customizable variables from rdebug-core.el to rdebug.el.
2008-01-01 05:51 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/, emacs/test/test-indent.el,
emacs/test/test-reindent.el, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog:
reindent -> indent. wasn't including all test files.
2008-01-01 05:45 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/elk-test.el, emacs/rdebug-test-cmd.el,
emacs/rdebug-test-regexp.el, emacs/rdebug-test.el, emacs/test,
emacs/test/elk-test.el, emacs/test/test-cmd.el,
emacs/test/test-core.el, emacs/test/test-regexp.el,
emacs/test/test-reindent.el: Create test directory and put
regression tests in that.
2007-12-31 15:38 Rocky Bernstein
* Now in 0.10.1
2007-12-31 15:37 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/triangle.rb: Another example program used in documentation.
2007-12-31 06:26 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog: Rakefile: add
spit-off C files to ruby-debug-base gem.
2007-12-31 06:23 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/rdebug-test-cmd.el, ext/ChangeLog,
lib/ChangeLog: rdebug-test-cmd.el: Indentation
2007-12-31 06:20 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/breakpoint.c: Was missing check_breakpoint_expression().
2007-12-31 06:08 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog: Changes and more changes.
2007-12-31 06:06 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ChangeLog, ext/breakpoint.c, ext/ruby_debug.c,
ext/ruby_debug.h: Split off breakpoint code from ruby_debug.c;
add common ruby_debug.h
header Alas this means some statics are now externs and one
inline was
dropped. In some cases though moving static to extern might be
desirable for other packages that want to hook into ruby_debug.
Start to preface the global ruby_debug variables with rdebug.
2007-12-31 05:55 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, doc/rdebug.1, doc/ruby-debug.texi, emacs/,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-test-cmd.el,
emacs/rdebug-test.el, test/runall: rdebug, emacs/* doc/*: --emacs
is now --emacs-basic while --emacs now implies
--emacs-basic --annotate=3 --post-mortem --no-control --no-start
runall: test-*.rb are tests
rdebug-test-cmd.el: use 'require and add tests of
emacs/ break out individual test as separate targets.
2007-12-30 10:54 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-test-cmd.el,
emacs/rdebug-test-frame.el, emacs/rdebug-vars.el: rdebug-vars.el:
remove cut-and-paste artifact
rest: rdebug-test-frame.el -> rdebug-test-cmd.el
2007-12-30 10:26 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-cmd.el, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
emacs/rdebug-regexp.el, emacs/rdebug-track.el,
emacs/rdebug-vars.el: Break up rdebug-core.el. Split out
variables, regexps, and debugger commands.
2007-12-30 10:13 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: New function
'rdebug-turn-on-short-key-mode', designed to be used in user
2007-12-30 10:08 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: C-x C-a C-q now toggles short key mode
2007-12-29 23:04 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add subsection as to why no parameter values
in a call stack.
2007-12-29 22:05 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/rdebug.1, doc/ruby-debug.texi: Remove short -n option;
--no-stop remains.
2007-12-29 15:19 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Added 'Customize Rdebug' to the Options
2007-12-29 13:31 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, ext/ChangeLog,
lib/ChangeLog, test/helper.rb, test/noquit.right, test/null.rb,
test/quit.cmd, test/quit.right, test/tdebug.rb: Remove looping on
quit. "-n" is broken so remove it for now.
2007-12-29 12:27 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: -(require 'cl) needed for ignore-errors.
-Short key bindings added: "b" for break "t" for toggle.
-Common key bindings added/changed
R (along with r) is restart. Restart prompts, like quit does.
+, - and _ are now modifiers to step and next; _ takes the
- Numeric argument on "continue" goes to that line, e.g. M-10
continue is
"continue 10", not "continue" 10 times.
2007-12-29 10:50 Anders Lindgren
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/theend.rb: * The 'theend.rb' script is
now always loaded with the 'stop' flag.
* The 'theend.rb' script is now loaded after the restarted print
* Removed an 'if' statement preventing restart when the no-stop
was used.
* Added end-of-line comment in 'theend.rb' on the same line as
single statement. This helps people that use the command-line
2007-12-29 09:29 Anders Lindgren
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/theend.rb: When the end of the program
is reached and the --no-quit option is
used, the user now steps into the file 'theend.rb'. This file
a message telling the user that the end of the application has
reached. For a normal debug session this feels better. However,
if the
user file is empty, this prevents the debugger from going into an
infinite loop.
Note, an alternative implementation would be if the debugger
would create an artificial step point at the of the the user
2007-12-29 08:49 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: New feature requested by Rocky: Source
short key mode, in the source buffer that corresponds to the
current frame read-only is activated and the plain secondary
buffer keys are bound.
2007-12-29 00:50 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-test-frame.el: Remove c: as that's not OS
2007-12-28 20:06 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Another misspelling.
2007-12-28 20:04 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Another typo.
2007-12-28 20:01 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Tag code/directory sections better.
2007-12-28 15:33 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/display.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog, test/annotate.right,
test/display.cmd, test/display.right: info.rb: Incorrect test for
no display expressions.
display.rb: Grammar thing.
processor.rb: Slightly cleaner code
test/* more/better tests.
2007-12-28 15:04 Rocky Bernstein
* test/annotate.right, test/info-var-bug2.right: Forgot to check in
these files when adding new tests
2007-12-28 13:48 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, test/annotate.cmd: Reduce
unneccessary display annotation output.
2007-12-28 11:27 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-test-regexp.el,
emacs/rdebug-test.el: Split off Emacs test which are regular
expression oriented.
2007-12-28 10:54 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-annotate.rb: *** empty log message ***
2007-12-28 10:54 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-annotate.rb: Doc bug.
2007-12-28 10:53 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-annotate.rb: My old cut-and-paste error. Gotta get in
my "method redefined" patch into rake's test/unit.
2007-12-28 10:47 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, test/annotate.cmd,
test/test-annotate.rb: Reduce unnecesary breakpoint, stack, and
variable post-command annotations.
Fix bug in not showing empty breakpoints when last one is
2007-12-28 10:12 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-test-frame.el, emacs/rdebug-test.el: Test cases for
new source buffer breakpoint commands.
2007-12-27 23:20 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Two new breakpoint commands for source
buffers: toggle break point and toggle enable/disable. (The
commands corresponds to F9 and C-F9 in common debuggers
2007-12-27 21:05 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-track.el: Lacking a quote in the last commit.
2007-12-27 21:03 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, emacs/rdebug-track.el, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog:
Be more agressive about resetting gud-last-frame and
gud-last-last-frame. These foul up tracking when debugging is
We probably need a special "reset" command.
2007-12-27 03:11 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/enable.rb, cli/ruby-debug/helper.rb,
doc/ruby-debug.texi, emacs/rdebug-test-frame.el,
test/test-columnize.rb: Use columnize gem from rubyforge.
Remove toggle since Anders can't use - easy come, easy go.
rdebug-test-frame.el was broken.
2007-12-26 22:31 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Fix for broken 'rdebug-goto-frame-n'.
2007-12-26 21:20 Rocky Bernstein
* README: Note we (may) need "sudo" before installing. Also note
the test options.
2007-12-26 20:29 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES: *** empty log message ***
2007-12-26 19:10 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-test-frame.el: Add regression
tests for new code.
2007-12-26 18:42 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Doc fixes.
2007-12-26 18:35 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, ext/ChangeLog, ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ChangeLog:
Version number games - maybe 0.10.1 is better.
2007-12-26 18:18 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Number keys should move the frame, not just
position the cursor there.
2007-12-26 10:41 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, test/info-var-bug2.cmd,
test/info-var-bug2.rb, test/test-info-var.rb: Need to escape
escape (% -> %%) in "info variables"
2007-12-26 00:04 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c: 2nd attempt to deal with *both* problems Timur
1. Catchpoint is never called when program raises an object of
Exception. So, my exceptional breakpoints doesn't work for
2. When SystemExit exception is raised debugger become stopped
stop method is called as many times, as a number of threads
running in
application. For example, in next code debugger become stopped in
rescue block, but program continues its execution.
2007-12-25 23:40 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/stepping.rb,
doc/ruby-debug.texi, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog,
test/stepping.cmd, test/stepping.right: Add step- and step+.
Document as well as the new toggle command.
2007-12-25 23:39 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/enable.rb: Add toggle requested by Anders
2007-12-25 23:36 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c: Expermimental patch to address a problems
reported by Timur Shipilov,
Software engineer, Xored Software Inc.:
When SystemExit exception is raised debugger become stopped and
stop method is called as many times, as a number of threads
running in
application. For example, in next code debugger become stopped in
rescue block, but program continues its execution.
# Stuff to set up debugger
# if you throw another Exception here, all will be fine
sleep 20
rescue Exception
puts 'This line is not traced'
puts 'And this too'
# Debugger.stop was implicitly called when SystemExit exception
was thrown
# So, there will be an runtime error
2007-12-25 09:55 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/stepping.rb,
doc/ruby-debug.texi, emacs/rdebug-core.el, ext/ChangeLog,
lib/ChangeLog: Small doc fixes.
2007-12-25 07:51 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog: Last commit before
0.10.0 release.
2007-12-25 02:51 Rocky Bernstein
* AUTHORS, ChangeLog, README, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog,
test/breakpoints.cmd, test/breakpoints.right: breakpoints.*: main
-> Object. Add bad Class name test
AUTHOR: Add Anders
README: note ruby-debug-extra. More precise (I think)
2007-12-24 21:02 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/breakpoints.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/breakpoints.cmd, test/breakpoints.right: Fix bug in stopping
on a method name. Use this in the examples.
2007-12-24 09:24 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/, doc/primes.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add iterator
2007-12-24 04:12 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/hanoi.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi, doc/test-tri2.rb, doc/tri3.rb:
More work on reference guide. Correct spelling, add example
scope frame (for Enumerable). Other small corrections.
Check in programs used in documentation.
2007-12-24 00:25 Rocky Bernstein
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, ext/ChangeLog, lib/ChangeLog: Rakefile: set
up gem unit test for ruby-debug-base. Add file in test/
so we could do the same for ruby-debug were it not for other
2007-12-23 22:19 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, emacs/rdebug-core.el: Rakefile: don't add html or pdf
to gem. Have to get from ruby-debug-extra.
Since we can't build it, it will cause problems when rake is run.
rdebug-core.el: remove gud control keys from secondary buffers.
C-P, C-N, C-F
should have their normal motion meanings.
2007-12-23 17:33 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, ChangeLog,, Rakefile, doc, ext/ChangeLog,
lib/ChangeLog, svn2cl_usermap, test/test-columnize.rb,
test/test-ruby-debug-base.rb, test/test-ruby-debug.rb: Go over
ChangeLogs for ruby-debug-base (in ext and lib) separate from CLI
ChangeLogs now map userid to names
ruby-debug-base regression test included in ruby-debug-base
Columnize test separated. (It will disappear when ruby-debug
requires it
as an external)
2007-12-22 17:07 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, doc/ruby-debug.texi: More typos.
2007-12-22 16:14 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi, emacs/rdebug-core.el: More doc changes.
2007-12-22 11:18 Rocky Bernstein
* INSTALL.SVN, bin/rdebug, doc/rdebug.1, doc/ruby-debug.texi:
Correct lots of little typographical and spelling errors.
2007-12-22 04:02 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, doc/rdebug.1, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
emacs/rdebug-core.el, test/tdebug.rb: Sort options in
alphabetical order.
rdebug-core.el: docstring elaboration
Revise Emacs section gain.
2007-12-22 02:53 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Indentation.
2007-12-21 23:01 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, bin/rdebug, doc/rdebug.1, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/tdebug.rb: Synchronize command options.
2007-12-21 20:23 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Messed up on how to specify Ctrl-.
2007-12-21 20:15 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Make more compatible with gdb-key-prefix
2007-12-21 20:06 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, doc/ruby-debug.texi, test/quit.cmd, test/quit.right,
test/tdebug.rb, test/test-quit.rb: rdebug, tdebug: Prevent
tracing in the debugger if --no-quit is in effect.
rdebug, tdebug: --noquit => --no-quit, --nostop -> --no-stop
test/*quit* Add quit test.
ruby-debug.texi: Doc above changes, update --help lists (e.g.
0.9.4 => 0.10.0)
2007-12-21 14:19 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: The disabled entries in the menu, finally,
has got the right key bindings.
2007-12-21 11:38 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi, emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug.el:
rdebug.el: correct file to autoload for rdebug-track-attach
rdebug-core.el: remove free-variable warning
ruby-debug.texi: Start Emacs Command section.
2007-12-21 03:19 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-track.el, emacs/rdebug.el:
rdebug-set-window-name of rdebug-core.el -> rdebug-track-attach
rdebug.el: add autoload.
2007-12-20 18:17 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-test.el, emacs/rdebug.el:
Regression test-case added that ensures that elisp files are
properly indented, plus indentation fixes.
2007-12-20 09:18 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug.el: rdebug-core.el: Get gud
commands in secondary buffer working by
pulling things from gud.el's common initialization into
rdebug.el had renamed *rdebugtrack* to rdebug-track
2007-12-19 20:46 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Added 'stop debugger' to the menu. Moved
common gud init code to new function
2007-12-19 18:04 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Simple 'if' typo caused the sentinel not to
be added.
2007-12-19 17:37 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-test.el: rdebug-goto-entry-n
failed to go to 10 if there was no entry 1. Fixed and regression
test added for this.
2007-12-19 13:09 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-test.el: Add \n's in rdebug-goto-entry-test. Doesn't
change things though.
2007-12-19 12:59 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-test.el: Add some tests for recent Emacs bugs found.
2007-12-19 07:55 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: rdebug-goto-entry-n didn't work in the
watch window.
2007-12-18 20:38 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Replaced all 'rdebug-goto-entry-<digit>'
functions with a generic one. If several digits are pressed in
sequence they are treated as a multi-digit number -- but only if
such a number exist.
2007-12-18 19:10 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: New mechanism to pick the best window to
display the source in.
2007-12-18 17:58 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Split
`rdebug-populate-secondary-buffer-map' into two functions, one
simply sets the basic keys (named xxx-plain) and one defines the
all keys, including the prefixed keys, and the menu.
`gud-prefix-key' is used instead of C-x C-a.
2007-12-18 17:09 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Output window (and all other secondary
windows) are now created with the correct mode. Source window now
has C-x C-a prefix.
2007-12-18 08:39 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/enable.rb, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
test/breakpoints.cmd, test/breakpoints.right: rdebug-core.el:
Remember position in breakpoint window
rest: Fix bugs in enable/disable commands and DRY code a little
bit. Better regression tests
(needed obviously)
2007-12-18 06:58 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-track.el,
emacs/rdebug.el: Remove rdebugtrack from rdebug-core and put in
its own file.
2007-12-18 00:44 Rocky Bernstein
* INSTALL.SVN: Instructions for building, testing, and installing
from Rubyforge's Subversion.
2007-12-17 16:19 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug.el: rdebug.el: move emacs test
here from core
rdebug-core.el: add C-x C-a common keys to all debugger buffers
number keys are bound on display expressions.
Watch expression -> Display expression
2007-12-17 10:31 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs, emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug.el: rdebug-core.el,
rdebug.el: adjust docstring to remove layout keys - there are
too many of them and may change.
rdebug.el: bind keys 0-9 to position to the corresponding line
(which may
adjusted for header offsets).
2007-12-17 07:35 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: * Menu handling: If a key in bound in the
rdebug common map, that key
binding is presented in the menu.
* Windows bug fix: `gud-rdebug-marker-regexp' couldn't handle
paths containing a drive letter.
2007-12-17 05:43 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c: Doc typo.
2007-12-17 05:40 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, test/helper.rb,
test/info-var-bug.rb, test/info-var.cmd, test/info-var.right,
test/test-display.rb, test/test-info-var.rb,
test/test-stepping.rb: Fix another "INTERNAL ERROR" bug in using
inspect for local variables.
Add a more thorough regression test here.
Simplify regression tests by adding a filter Proc to the
run_debugger helper.
2007-12-16 21:47 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/variables.rb: Another place where we need
to guard against a faulty "inspect" routine.
2007-12-16 21:31 Rocky Bernstein
* ., ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, doc, emacs, ext,
lib/ruby-debug-base.rb, test/helper.rb, test/info-var-bug.rb,
test/info-var.cmd, test/info-var.right, test/runall,
test/test-breakpoints.rb, test/test-display.rb,
test/test-help.rb, test/test-info-var.rb: Add "info variables
ruby-debug-base.rb: Not sure how test(?M, file) ever worked
before but change
to use File.stat(file).mtime
info.rb: ignore debugger variables which are sometimes set.
2007-12-16 17:01 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb: Guard against buggy "inspect"
and "to_str" methods in "info variables".
2007-12-16 12:10 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-test.el: Was broken by the splitting rdebug.el into
rdebug.el and rdebug-core.el
2007-12-16 12:02 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug.rb: Fix syntax error with last commit.
2007-12-16 12:01 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug.rb: Make init file handling match gdb better and
the comment in run_init_script.
2007-12-16 11:50 Rocky Bernstein
*, cli/ruby-debug.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb,
doc/ruby-debug.texi, test/info.right: ruby-debug.rb: The plague
of MS Windows: HOMEDRIVE prepended to HOMEPATH. rdebug.ini used
here instead of .rdebugrc.
info documentation and help strings revised "test" is the same as "check" (Even though Emacs
testing is
still broken)
2007-12-16 04:09 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add "info" section. Rework Emacs section
2007-12-16 01:12 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
test/helper.rb, test/tdebug.rb, test/test-breakpoints.rb,
test/test-display.rb, test/test-stepping.rb: test/*: Be more
precise about file paths rather than assume Unix conventions.
More regular about use of SRC_DIR. Had broken tests previously in
reinitializing SRC_DIR.
bin/rdebug: notstop misspelling.
command.rb: Don't assume that Emacs implies are using
annotations, or a specific
line width
rdebug-core.el: add variable to specify what you want the
debugger line width
to be
2007-12-15 17:46 Anders Lindgren
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, emacs/rdebug-core.el: In Emacs mode,
emit longer lines. The Variables and Watch windows no longer
wraps around, so long lines look good.
2007-12-15 17:38 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Font-lock support added in the Variables
and Watch windows.
2007-12-15 15:28 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Doc string and comment overhaul, including
running a spell-checker.
2007-12-15 15:23 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/ License refered to 'Bash', replaced it with
'This program'.
2007-12-15 14:24 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Reindented and adopted to Emacs
conventions. (Now, 'indent-region' applied to the whole file
considers the entire file to be correctly indented.)
2007-12-15 13:50 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug.el: * Added comments at the
beginnig of the file, describing the package.
* Added common key bindings for Eclipse and NetBeans
compatibility, and
`rdebug-populate-common-keys-function' for controlling this.
* Fixed some `defcustom' stuff.
* Renamed the `rdebug-many-windows-layout-xxx' to
* Removed unused variable `rdebug-temp-directory'
* Added autoload of `turn-on-rdebugtrack-mode' to rdebug.el.
2007-12-15 09:18 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/ Install rdebug-core.el and put in package.
2007-12-14 17:14 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug.el: Renamed rdebug.el to
rdebug-core.el. New file rdebug.el is now startup code.
2007-12-14 17:08 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug.el: Updated the doc string of 'rdebug', plus other
small fixes.
2007-12-14 11:56 Rocky Bernstein
*, doc/ruby-debug.texi, ext/ruby_debug.c: Change
version to 0.10.0
2007-12-14 09:03 Anders Lindgren
* bin/rdebug: Type 'stript' => 'script'
2007-12-14 07:34 Anders Lindgren
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb: Fixed problem where debugger
messages ended up in the 'output' buffer.
2007-12-14 03:22 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES,, doc/rdebug.1, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
ext/ruby_debug.c: ruby-debug.c,, ruby-debug.texi: Up
version to 0.9.9
rdebug.1: document --no-quit
ruby-debu.texi: More work on Emacs section.
2007-12-14 02:36 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Mostly small typos.
rdebug-set-window-configuration-state: Reduce use of 'debugger
rdebug-window-configuration-state, in case we want to expand
debug--setup-secondary-window-help-buffer: More accurate
command names. Fix typo.
2007-12-13 20:27 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: A little closer to getting running from
rdebug-track working. Set
shell to be the command buffer. rdebug-set-windows probably
should be
more appropriately renamed.
2007-12-13 20:03 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Doc typo.
2007-12-13 13:53 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, emacs/rdebug.el: rdebug.el: Add --post-mortem option
by default
rdebug: Fix bug introduced in adding exception handling
2007-12-13 13:30 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi:
ruby-debug.texi: Document --no-quit
processor.rb: Annotations aren't an Emacs thing
rdebug: handle exceptions even if --post-mortem not given (but
--no-quit is)
2007-12-13 12:57 Anders Lindgren
* emacs/rdebug.el: * The sub-menus specific to a secondary window
is only shown when that
window is active.
* The menu item "Run" is renamed to "Continue" to avoid confusion
debugger shell users.
* Break-point commands added to the menu.
* In addition to tracking the original window layout, the
window layout is also tracked. This allows the user to switch
the window layouts. The menu now has three entries: Original,
Debugger, and Initial debugger. The first two also have
(Internally, the function `rdebug-set-window-configuration-state'
most of the work, so it's easier for the functions that switch
* rdebug-quit now prompts, and uses the new "quit
unconditionally" command.
* The "display" window is now renamed to the "watch" window.
* Some keys are rebound (toggle breakpoint is now "t" since "SPC"
is step).
2007-12-13 02:22 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Add --no-quit option.
2007-12-13 02:20 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/breakpoints.cmd, test/breakpoints.right, test/info.right,
test/test-ruby-debug.rb: doc/ruby-debug.texi:
*rdebug-display-program* -> rdebug-watch-program*
note that you can run help info and list info subcommands
control.rb: If unconditionally is given, no questions are asked
info.rb: add "info program" to give program execution status
rdebug: add --noquit which doesn't exit when the program
2007-12-12 17:20 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/eval.rb: Remove warning that appears when
$VERBOSE is set because we are redefining (potentially) a method.
2007-12-12 13:12 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi, emacs/rdebug.el: rdebug.el: wasn't showing
Stack buffer.
ruby-debug.texi: update how to autoload
2007-12-12 12:16 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Interim changes from Anders Lindgren: Add
debugger menu to Ruby
buffers. Add Output buffer to standard display.
2007-12-11 16:47 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Start to revise GNU Emacs section. More work
is needed.
2007-12-11 03:51 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Proposed revised key bindings for secondary
2007-12-10 18:53 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Add key binding for stack motion
2007-12-10 03:23 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi, lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: doc changes.
2007-12-07 21:30 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb: Don't always show "starting"
2007-12-07 11:03 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, emacs/rdebug.el: processor.rb: Code
for "starting"/output annotation
rdebug.el: add my own style window
2007-12-07 03:45 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: From Anders Lindgren:
* Implemented new annotation, "starting", with a corresponding
"output" buffer.
* New variable `rdebug-many-windows-layout-function' makes the
layout user configurable. Three different layouts implemented,
rdebug-many-windows-layout-default, -conservative, and
2007-12-06 01:14 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: From Anders Lindgren:
* `gud-comint-buffer' is now buffer local in all secondary
hopefully this will make `rdebug' more independent of other
like `gdb'.
* The restore window configuration variable now has three
values, when set to :many (which is the new default) the window
configuration is only restored when `rdebug-many-windows' is
* The `edit variable' command, when reading from the minibuffer,
the old value as the initial content. Mouse-1 is no longer bound
`edit' since that prevents a simple copy, instead mouse-2 and
is used.
* More robust window configuration restore system. Trace support
window configuration state changes added.
2007-12-05 08:42 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Python->Ruby typos.
2007-12-05 00:50 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/enable.rb, test/display.cmd,
test/display.right, test/test-display.rb: Fix a couple of
display/undisplay bugs caught by regression testing.
2007-12-05 00:06 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/display.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
emacs/rdebug.el: From Anders Lindgren:
* Emacs primitive `window-configuration' used instead of
`frame-configuration' since the latter caused (among other
things) the
frame title to freeze. (The workaround for the buffer-list crash
is no
longer needed.)
* The user can now switch between the secondary windows using
bound to the capital letters B, C, D, R, V. The key ? displays a
* Commands to add, delete, and edit display (watch) expressions.
Breakpoint regexp position change which broke goto-breakpoint.
display.rb, processor.rb: use nil for deleted displays, more
2007-12-04 11:31 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/display.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/enable.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/breakpoints.cmd, test/breakpoints.right: enable/disable
default to "breakpoint" when no subcommand specified.
More rigorous test of the code.
display.rb: Fix bug when Debugger.annotation not initially set.
ruby-debug.texi: Document enable/disable and remove watchpoint
references. Other small changes.
2007-12-04 02:51 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/display.rb, emacs/rdebug.el: display.rb
Don't show display if annotate > 1 since this goes in the
annotation buffer.
rdebug.el: remove minor-most-alist indicator.
2007-12-02 22:39 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: * `rdebug' was added to the mode line of all
rdebug buffers, a shell buffer
where the mode was active will have `rdebug' twice in the mode
* In `rdebug-setup-windows', use `gud-target-name' instead of
`gud-last-last-frame'. Not completely sure about this.
* Make `rdebug-display-original-frame-configuration' a command.
* Call `gud-sentinel' from rdebug-process-sentinel.
2007-12-02 21:56 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb: Show display values in display
2007-12-02 21:47 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/enable.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, emacs/rdebug-test.el,
emacs/rdebug.el, ext/ruby_debug.c, test/breakpoints.cmd,
test/breakpoints.right: Allow enabling/disabling breakpoints. Add
unit test of enabling/disabling and
emacs regexp checking. Adjust rdebug.el accordingly.
2007-12-02 11:45 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/display.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/variables.rb: Add enable/disable commands
info: Show disabled display expressions (like gdb)
display: update help text
variables: remove _self from list of local variables.
2007-12-02 11:00 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: If `rdebug-restore-original-frame-layout' is
non-nil (on by default),
the original frame layout is restored when the debugger process
exits. If the user restarts `rdebug' several times, the first
layout is restored.
Fix the `rdebug-debug-enter' macro to make it possible to use
in its body. Workaround for a bug in list-buffers which could
crash if
the frame buffer list contained killed buffers.
New feature and bug fixes from Anders Lindgren.
2007-12-01 21:28 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-test.el, emacs/rdebug.el: Add a marker-filter test.
From Anders Lindgren: some debugging instrumentation and a bug
fix when
editing instance variables.
More python references removed.
2007-11-30 09:21 Rocky Bernstein
* test/display.cmd, test/display.right: longer display test
2007-11-30 09:15 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile: Include tests into package ruby-debug.
2007-11-30 09:08 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/display.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
test/display.cmd, test/display.right, test/info.cmd,
test/info.right, test/test-display.rb: Correct "info display"
command and make it look more like gdb.
Show annotations on preloop even if they are empty.
Create a regression test for "display" commands.
2007-11-30 04:03 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/display.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/settings.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
doc/ruby-debug.texi, test/info.right: Add "info display". Allow
annotation level 3. (Both as gdb does)
Reduce unnecessary breakpoint (and stack size) stack size output.
2007-11-30 01:53 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Was creating duplicate buffers. Patch courtesy
of Anders Lindgren
2007-11-29 02:55 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
emacs/rdebug.el, test/info.right: The old "info variables" is now
called "info global_variables"
"info variables" shows local and instance_variables
rdebug.el: "local"" buffer is now "variable" buffer
Annotation buffer now show "info variables" rather than "info
2007-11-26 01:15 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/rdebug.1: Add "up", and "down"; delete "clear" and add an
$Id$ line.
2007-11-26 00:48 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Make sure we ahve emacs 22 or greater.
2007-11-25 17:49 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Add $Id$ line
2007-11-25 16:51 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Improve breakpoints buffer handling slightly. Is
now a major mode and
more like gdb-ui.el.
2007-11-25 11:14 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: typo step + => step+
2007-11-25 11:04 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Small corrections to Debugger.start section
2007-11-24 11:01 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c: Some documentation typos.
2007-11-24 11:00 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/rdebug.1, doc/ruby-debug.texi: *: Go over command options.
document annotation
ruby-debug.texi: Document Debugger.context
2007-11-24 04:07 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c: Ooops, forgot to do frame_locals and update the
argument count in a couple of places.
2007-11-24 03:00 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, doc/, doc/ruby-debug.texi, ext/ruby_debug.c,
test/test-ruby-debug.rb: ruby_debug.c: context.frame things now
allow the frame postion number to be optional. We'll assume 0
(the top) as the default.
test-ruby-debug.rb: add tests of the above an of these routines
in general. Make this
be able to run outside of rake.
Rakefile: Removed emacs/elisp since that's now part of a
different package.
doc/ Make manual page
doc/ruby-debug.texi: try to clarify blocks/frames. Redo incorrect
frame passages as a result of vestiges of the bashdb manual.
2007-11-23 02:43 Rocky Bernstein
*, doc/, doc/rdebug.1, emacs/
Make distcheck now works (tests building outside of source
regression tests installing and uninstalling)
rdebug.1: add manual page
2007-11-22 13:49 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/rdebug-test.el: rdebug-test.el: regexp
name changed. Fix test.
2007-11-22 13:36 Rocky Bernstein
* Top-level ruby-trunk-extra automake file
2007-11-22 13:27 Rocky Bernstein
* Make NEWS->CHANGES symlnk since NEWS is what
autotools wants.
2007-11-22 13:22 Rocky Bernstein
*,, doc/, test/test-frame.rb:
test-frame.rb: remove debugging
rest - use autotools to configure a ruby-debug-extra package
which includes
documentation and GNU Emacs support.
2007-11-22 13:00 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/, emacs/elisp-comp: Pick up from autotools
2007-11-21 00:16 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb: Make sure @histfile is initialized
before writing it. It could be uninitialized if entered via
Debugger.start; debugger
2007-11-20 19:42 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: define-minor-mode keymap doesn't work the way I
thought it would. rdebugrack-mode-text typo.
2007-11-17 18:09 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Try using a define-minor-mode. (Not without some
though). Shorten rdebug-rdebugtrack to rdebugtrack in case we
ever do
split out the emacs routines.
2007-11-17 11:54 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Set --annotate=3 which is what it is in gdba
2007-11-17 11:46 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Use and advise function to hook into gud-reset.
2007-11-16 15:56 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Handle stack frame lines that split across two
lines. Make stack frame buffer have its own mode.
2007-11-16 13:50 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/method.rb: And make sure to use "inspect"
when showing instance variables as well.
2007-11-16 13:48 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/method.rb: Sort instance variables.
2007-11-15 19:03 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c: Fix misspelling of declared.
2007-11-15 15:59 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/variables.rb, emacs/rdebug.el,
test/helper.rb, test/setshow.right, test/test-setshow.rb:
variables.rb: Add "self" to local variables (unless it's "main")
info.rb: "info args" and "info locals" output should use inspect
(for arrays and such)
helper.rb: Show output lines if "$DEBUG" (ruby -d) is set.
require "fileutils" since we use it.
setshow.*: simplify test code using common helper.rb routine
rdebug.el: Add key binding in comint buffer for the more common
kind of traceback
2007-11-15 00:40 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Set point to current frame in stack window.
2007-11-14 01:39 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/settings.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
test/setshow.cmd, test/setshow.right, test/test-setshow.rb: Add
'set history save' and 'set history size'.
2007-11-13 13:28 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb: Make sure to convert string HISTSIZE
to a number - This time for sure!
2007-11-13 13:16 Rocky Bernstein
* test/setshow.cmd, test/setshow.right: Broke regression test
(actually, it was slightly broken even before.)
2007-11-13 13:12 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb: Follow gdb's history length setting
just a little bit closer.
2007-11-12 14:51 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, test/setshow.right: Use on/off
to display history saving.
2007-11-12 04:08 Rocky Bernstein
* test/setshow.right: Forgot to update output check.
2007-11-12 03:03 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Small change: Add a reference.
2007-11-12 02:57 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Document "method iv" and "show history"
2007-11-12 01:27 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb,
doc/ruby-debug.texi, test/setshow.cmd, test/setshow.right,
test/test-setshow.rb: Add gdb-like "show history". We don't allow
set yet though.
2007-11-09 18:27 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/method.rb: Add "method iv"
2007-11-07 12:08 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile: DateTime -> Time. Patch #14983 Hiroshi NAKAMURA (nahi)
2007-11-07 11:54 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-test.el: Typo - loading wrong file name.
2007-11-07 11:52 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, Rakefile, cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb, emacs/elisp-comp,
emacs/rdebug-track.el, emacs/rdebug.el: Rakefile: add emacs
compile task. Combine common package files into a variableg
to improve DRYness.
interface.rb: Apply Roger Pack's patch #12788 (add "." to
.rdebugsavehist if
other HOME and HOMEPATH aren't defined).
rdebug-track.el is now folded into rdebug.el so it's no longer
rdebug.el: remove compiler-detected bug
2007-11-07 02:55 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-test.el, emacs/rdebug.el: Add routine to goto a
unit/test traceback line
2007-11-06 12:33 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: rdebugtrack deletes annotations now. Other small
2007-11-06 02:07 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-test.el, emacs/rdebug.el: Add routine to be parse
traceback position and go to it.
2007-11-06 00:03 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: cosmetic changes
2007-11-05 19:12 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Add ability to edit locals value. Make more like
2007-11-05 15:18 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, emacs/rdebug.el, test/test-help.rb:
rdebug.el: not all Emacs have split-string-and-unquote.
processor.rb, test-help.rb: Fix breakage from yesterday. Revert a
2007-11-04 15:05 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el, test/test-help.rb: Expand/revise Emacs rdebug
test-help.rb: skip until we fix properly.
2007-11-04 14:16 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, emacs/rdebug.el: Move prompt display
after preloop.
Make rdebugtrack work with annotations.
2007-11-04 05:51 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Small nesting bug.
2007-11-04 04:15 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug.el: Holdover from when three \032's are what we used
for annotation. (It's two now.)
2007-11-04 04:05 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-extra.el: rdebug-extra.el is no longer used. Has
been folded into rdebug.el
2007-11-04 04:04 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
emacs/rdebug-extra.el, emacs/rdebug-test.el, emacs/rdebug.el:
Debugger "annotation" mode. This is used for example in GNU Emacs
track the status of breakpoints, stack and local variables. But
it can
be used by other front-ends as well. The command-line option is
--annotate (-A) and there are set/show commands.
Add emacs files to the package now. More complete Emacs code.
2007-11-03 21:20 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-test.el, emacs/rdebug.el, rdebug.el: Move to the
right place (under emacs)
2007-11-03 21:19 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb, rdebug.el: First attempt to
update and redo the GNU Emacs-to-rdebug interface
2007-10-31 03:15 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile: Add emacs files to package
2007-10-31 03:12 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-extra.el, emacs/rdebug-test.el: Some test of emacs
rdebug regular expressions.
2007-10-31 02:19 Rocky Bernstein
* test/help.cmd: Can't handle "help info" this way. Ignore for now.
2007-10-31 02:00 Rocky Bernstein
* test/help.cmd, test/info.cmd, test/info.right, test/test-info.rb:
Add basic test of the info command. (Much more would be nice.)
2007-10-28 04:29 Rocky Bernstein
* emacs/rdebug-track.el: We don't use rdebug-safe - remove.
string-to-int -> string-to-number as
elisp compiler suggests.
2007-10-12 10:41 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add note regarding needing to specify the
'main' class to set a breakpoint in a main routine. Some other
small formatting changes.
2007-10-12 10:15 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb,, test/breakpoints.right,
test/test-breakpoints.rb: interface.rb: print is really printf was using variable before setting it
test/*breakpoints*: first integration test of breakpoints.
2007-10-12 01:45 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c, test/breakpoints.cmd: Bug in setting a
breakpoint at a main method (e.g. main.gcd). Inside
breakpoint_by method we seem to get nil for the class name. The
here is to change that to the string "main". Better might be to
that class name not be nil.
test/breakpoints.cmd has a sequence of commands that when run on
gcd.rb will show the problem.
2007-10-11 08:59 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-frame.rb: Name conflick in test class name.
2007-10-11 01:07 Rocky Bernstein
* test/frame.cmd, test/frame.right, test/helper.rb,
test/test-frame.rb: helper.rb: move out some common test routines
*frame*: add test of frame commands: up, down, frame
2007-10-03 01:46 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb, test/stepping.cmd,
test/stepping.right, test/test-stepping.rb: interface.rb: remove
trailing \n.
test-stepping.rb: remove some bugs in cheap-diff
test/stepping.*: don't need "next 1" or "step 1", check without
2007-09-30 13:09 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-stepping.rb: Simplify even more.
2007-09-30 13:07 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-stepping.rb: We're not using Diff::LCS so comment it
2007-09-30 02:50 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug.rb: Avoid duplicate constants which happens when
"rake test" is run.
2007-09-30 02:48 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb,, test/gcd.rb,
test/stepping.cmd, test/stepping.right, test/tdebug.rb,
test/test-setshow.rb, test/test-stepping.rb:
cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb: add a verbose mode to show what
commands are
getting run. add the ability to set the rdebug script to run based
on environment
variable RDEBUG
Both of the above are in support of adding the first integration
by running rdebug and comparing output produced. The first test
is of
commands in stepping.rb (step, next, finish). It is still a
hoaky and needs more work, but another step in the right
2007-09-07 04:30 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, test/test-help.rb,
test/test-setshow.rb: control.rb: chdir back to directory where
initial run came from.
command.rb, settings.rb, show.rb info.rb: remove warnings when
regression tests (due to initializing constants more than once)
test/*: Use File.join where appropriate
2007-09-04 01:50 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Start filling out Debugger Module section.
In particular the settings Array.
2007-09-03 15:29 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Better wording of step+ n.
2007-09-03 15:06 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Update doc for recent changes.
2007-09-03 15:06 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
test/help.cmd, test/help.right, test/setshow.cmd,
test/setshow.right, test/test-help.rb: help "foo" gives message
"Undefined command "foo" rather than a list
of help commands. (Message test is gdb's)
Add set linetrace+ - similar step+ for linetrace. Don't show
2007-08-28 10:28 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb: Get "ruby" from Gem.ruby if
that exists.
2007-08-28 10:07 Rocky Bernstein
* test/cmdparse.cmd, test/cmdparse.right, test/setshow.cmd,
test/setshow.right, test/test-cmd.rb, test/test-setshow.rb:
cmdparse -> setshow
2007-08-28 10:05 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, test/cmdparse.cmd: Rakefile: Make test/check depend on
lib. Make more ruby like and remove
duplicate "clean" target.
2007-08-28 03:07 Rocky Bernstein
* test/cmdparse.cmd: Testing svn propset.
2007-08-28 03:06 Rocky Bernstein
* test/cmdparse.cmd: Add $Id$ line propset.
2007-08-28 02:37 Rocky Bernstein
* test/cmdparse.cmd, test/cmdparse.right, test/test-cmd.rb: Yay!
Start first real regression test. Here we are just trying out
some set/show commands.
2007-08-27 01:58 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add some command names on sample sessions.
2007-08-27 00:48 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: More in tutorial section: Add
Debugger.start, show step+ and mention
set forcestep on.
2007-08-22 13:00 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add note about putl running down rather than
2007-08-22 08:28 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, cli/ruby-debug/commands/irb.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi: leaving irb
shows position same as entering debugger; "list" position
is also cleared when leaving irb.
Update documentation for the above but more generally to talk
the default position that is used in "list", And more
specifically the
frame command also resets the default position.
2007-08-21 11:40 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add some notes about the programming
2007-08-18 14:57 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Small typos:
- add link to command files in .rdebugrc
- Debugger.debugger -> debugger
- help output is columnized
- remove duplicate "var global"
- Invode -> Invoke
2007-08-14 03:19 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Make a stab at "var" and "method" commands.
2007-08-08 09:28 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Start "ruby-debug/debugger" and unit test
section. Elaboration on
error messages when "set autoeval on"
2007-08-08 07:58 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-ruby-debug.rb: Remove duplicate "include"
2007-08-07 17:58 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/display.rb: Better parsing of undisplay.
This time for sure.
2007-08-07 17:44 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/display.rb: Better parameters parsing for
the "undisplay" command.
2007-08-06 11:23 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Add ruby-debug version number to title. Add
Example macro to allow for
better customization and flexibility.
2007-08-05 22:10 Rocky Bernstein
* ext/ruby_debug.c: Typo.
2007-08-05 16:52 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi: Work on
bugs in restart command.
Work on ruby-debug sample sessions. Much more work is still
needed though.
2007-08-04 13:36 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/display.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/stepping.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
doc/ruby-debug.texi, ext/ruby_debug.c: settings, processor, show:
display expressions should be shown when line tracing. To this
end change always_run from
a boolean on integer "level" number.
eval.rb pc -> putl
ruby_debug.c: replace a non-word in a comment its equivalent
ruby-debug.texi: document recent changes pc->putl, display
expresions appear when line tracing
2007-07-21 19:18 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Work more on sample session. Start to
document ps and pc and set/show linetrace
2007-07-21 14:50 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES: *** empty log message ***
2007-07-21 13:54 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, ext/ruby_debug.c, Changes
to make ruby-debug work for 1.9 (at least minimally).
ruby_debug.c: parameter saving seems to have a bug in it. Don't
turn on by default. set which ruby using environment variable RUBY.
2007-07-19 03:08 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/eval.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, ext/ruby_debug.c: Add "set"
option to save scalar values and class names on each call.
Add pc (print columnized) and ps (print sorted columnized).
2007-07-09 16:37 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb: Guard against unitialized argv
setting - via Debugger.start?
2007-07-02 15:34 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/helper.rb: "," -> ", ". This looks nicer.
2007-06-27 13:44 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Start section on GNU Emacs.
2007-06-27 12:46 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi: Note recent change to run
HOME *after* a local init file.
2007-06-26 07:05 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug.rb, lib/ruby-debug-base.rb:
Run .rdebugrc on Debugger.start. Look for this in the current
directory and run that instead the one in $HOME if that exists.
Again, inspired and compatible with gdb.
rdebug: Check script for syntax errors before loading. We get
more informative errors and it doesn't look like rdebug is at
2007-06-25 10:25 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Fill out more set/show commands.
2007-06-21 11:30 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES: Node script->source.
2007-06-21 11:25 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/script.rb: Some small changes missing
from last update. script->source and change help
wording slightly.
2007-06-21 11:19 Rocky Bernstein
* doc/ruby-debug.texi: Document source command and command files.
Break out "Controlling the debugger" into separate sections. Go
command index entries.
2007-06-21 10:39 Rocky Bernstein
* Rakefile, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/script.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi,
ext/ruby_debug.c, test/test-ruby-debug.rb: test-ruby-debug.rb,
Rakefile: revise so "rake test" works with recent reorganization.
ruby-debug.c: remove unused variable declaration (and compile
command.rb: remove a warning given when "$DEBUG" or warnings are
script.rb: rename "script" to "source" to be more in line with
ruby-debug.texi: document "source" command, .rdebugrc and how
command files
2007-06-05 18:54 Kent Sibilev
* cli/ruby-debug/helper.rb: moved utility modules to helper.rb
2007-06-05 16:36 Kent Sibilev
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/command.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/help.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/info.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: code reorganization.
reverted 'run' command.
2007-06-05 07:59 Kent Sibilev
* lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: restore post_mortem
2007-06-05 04:28 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb: Put back print statements the way
they were. It seems important to use
commas in print statments and not %.
2007-06-05 03:48 Kent Sibilev
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb,
ext/ruby_debug.c: tabs to spaces
changed copy.args to play nicely with GC
2007-06-04 14:52 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb: Fix bug: When line contains format
strings like %s, print thinks there were too few arguments.
Fix by expanding % to %% and creating a print1 routine which
takes one parameter.
Not sure if this is the best fix.
INTERNAL ERROR!!! too few arguments
2007-06-04 11:52 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/settings.rb, doc/ruby-debug.texi:
ruby-debug.texi: Start listing "set" commands.
settings.rb: change basename help
2007-06-04 00:06 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb: Small bug in
setting ARGV on restart.
2007-06-03 23:50 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug: Catch all uncaught exceptions in rdebug's top-level
run loop.
2007-06-03 11:50 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb: Allow run when there is more than
one thread.
Disallow run unless called from rdebug.
Reset ARGV on run.
2007-06-03 02:44 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/commands/control.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, ext/ruby_debug.c: Get warm restart
working for one thread - it might even work on OSX ;-)
2007-06-02 22:43 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb: Typo.
2007-06-02 16:14 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, cli/ruby-debug/commands/settings.rb,
cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb: Add
routine to canonicalize file name. This also helps out Emacs.
Independent it's useful to have a place to funnel how to show
filenames. Add set basename to allow short filename setting which
will be useful in regression tests.
2007-06-02 15:01 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb, emacs/rdebug-track.el,
lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: add Quit and
Restart exceptions which can reliably be used after the delayed
exception handling bug is fixed
emacs/rdebug-track.el and cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb: more
accurate line tracking in EMACS. When not in emacs should be more
like what was there.
2007-06-01 21:57 Rocky Bernstein
* lib/ruby-debug-base.rb: parens around a print seems to give a
warning. Remove.
2007-05-31 02:21 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES: Typo.
2007-05-31 02:15 Rocky Bernstein
* CHANGES, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb: Add Emacs locations on
breakpoints and catchpoints
2007-05-30 16:21 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb: Debug statement creapt in.
2007-05-30 16:15 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/command.rb, - allow running
outside of trunk directory
command.rb: do better about putting "at line" on another line
when we overflow the line width.
2007-05-30 06:05 Rocky Bernstein
* test/test-ruby-debug.rb: Columnize *has* been added.
2007-05-30 05:50 Rocky Bernstein
* bin/rdebug, cli/ruby-debug/commands/settings.rb: Oops another bug
if no "set" parameter has been given.
"set autoirb on" seems to mess up syntax checking.
2007-05-30 05:21 Rocky Bernstein
* cli/ruby-debug/commands/settings.rb: arg -> args
2007-05-27 18:37 Rocky Bernstein