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1. If you have problems installing (or updating a previous install), try starting out with a fresh 1.9.x Ruby installation. Sometimes older components can cause conflicts. Also, try running “gem install ruby_core_source” before the “gem install ruby-debug19” or “gem install ruby-debug-ide19”.

2. Installing under FreeBSD, one user has reported that the gems install goes to the wrong directory:

It was necessary for me to pass the install-dir to the gem. By default this gem was installing at /usr/local/lib/ruby19/gems/1.9, whereas all other gems on my system installed themselves in /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.9. This worked:

gem install ruby-debug19 --install-dir=/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.9

3. There have been reports of other tools on the path, like cygwin, causing conflicts. I haven’t been able to duplicate this. You might try paring down your PATH environment variable to the bare minimum (\windows; \windows\system32; \windows\system32\wbem; and your Ruby bin directory) to do the gem install.


1. At times, releases may be frequent, so make sure you’re running the latest versions of the gems. You can check what the most current releases are at the RubyForge files page, and ruby-debug-ide is here.

2. Inability to set breakpoints on valid code

There was a bug in the Ruby core (details here) that has been fixed. It should be released in the 1.9.2 preview2.

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