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config files for my most used apps
Shell Ruby Clojure
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.alias alias tweaks
.bash switch lightning to zsh
.bond/completions bond completion tweaks
.herrie ok cmdline music player
.input more vi readline keys
.lightning tweak gem bolt
.paz tweak paz templates
.rip_envs lightningrc + rip tweaks
.sh git grep blame
.tag move tag db
.zsh navigate back args in any previous command
.alias.yml alias tweaks, added rvm
.bash_profile have bash start with bashrc
.bashrc make rip setup work in zsh
.bondrc fix bond completion for 1.9
.bosonrc update bosonrc
.ctags use clojure ctags setup from @superjudge, with cljs support
.desc.clj tweak clj desc
.gemrc convert gemrc to 1.9.3-able
.gems.yml added .alias.yml
.git_attributes Add git attributes to surpress LT plugin compiled js noise
.git_ignore update gitignore + aliases
.gitconfig Add git attributes to surpress LT plugin compiled js noise
.inputrc tweaks
.lightningrc clojars are first class now
.rdebugrc misc changes
.riplrc multi-line works with webshell now
.rvmrc work + home friendly rip setup
.screenrc my vim,screen,bash,vimperator tips
.sh.history Add to history
.tmux.conf default to zsh in tmux
.vimdbrc vimdbrc should have explicit options now
.wolfrc forgotten wolfrc
.zshrc remove gem autocompletion, no bueno
LICENSE.txt adding license
README.markdown add basic light table config
install.rb more aliases and added tabtab sweetness



These are the dot files for apps I use every day. Among these apps are:

  • bash: aliases, functions, completions
  • vim: config and plugins
  • vimperator: firefox plugin to make it vim-like, includes config and plugins
  • tabtab: ruby gem for ruby-based completion
  • lightning: my own ruby gem for ruby-based completion
  • screen: basic config to have visible tabs
  • git: just my gitignore
  • other: .bash/completion/ contains ruby scripts with more completion goodies
  • irb: irb files are in my irbfiles repository


Simply run ruby install.rb in this directory to symlink these files to your home directory.

For light table, you will need to additionally: ln -s ~/.light_table/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/LightTable/settings

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