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config files for my most used apps
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These are the dot files for apps I use every day. Among these apps are:

  • bash: aliases, functions, completions
  • vim: config and plugins
  • vimperator: firefox plugin to make it vim-like, includes config and plugins
  • tabtab: ruby gem for ruby-based completion
  • lightning: my own ruby gem for ruby-based completion
  • screen: basic config to have visible tabs
  • git: just my gitignore
  • other: .bash/completion/ contains ruby scripts with more completion goodies
  • irb: irb files are in my irbfiles repository


Simply run ruby install.rb in this directory to symlink these files to your home directory.

For light table, you will need to additionally: ln -s ~/.light_table/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/LightTable/settings

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