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[{:name "clojure.core/re-matcher", :desc "creates iterable regex"}
{:name "clojure.core/binding", :desc "only redefines dynamic vars"}
{:name "clojure.core/add-classpath",
"like adding $:, also see"}
{:name "clojure.core/ns-imports", :desc "map of import mappings"}
{:name "clojure.core/ns-interns", :desc "map of ns mappings"}
{:name "clojure.repl/source",
:desc "doesn't work for repl-defined fns"}
{:name "clojure.core/pr", :desc "print readable by reader"}
{:name "clojure.core/println-str", :desc "string of println"}
{:name "clojure.core/with-out-str", :desc "capture *out*"}
{:name "clojure.core/array-map",
:desc "how is usage different than hash-map?"}
{:name "clojure.core/pop", :desc "Array#slice(0..-2)"}
{:name "clojure.set/join",
:desc "joins sets of maps by common key in maps"}
{:name "clojure.set/project", :desc "slice map keys in arr of maps"}
{:name "clojure.set/rename-keys", :desc "rename map keys"}
{:name "clojure.core/complement", :desc "opposite of fn"}
{:name "clojure.core/butlast", :desc "reverse rest"}
{:name "clojure.core/doto", :desc "jqueryize"}
{:name "clojure.core/ancestors",
:desc "is derive-aware, while supers is not"}
{:name "clojure.core/extend-type",
:desc "anon include scoped to a namespace"}
{:name "clojure.core/reify", :desc "creates a protocol obj"}
{:name "clojure.core/for",
:desc "list comprehension, cartesian product"}
{:name "clojure.core/condp",
:desc "generalized case where = fn can be anything"}
{:name "clojure.core/doseq",
:desc "can take multiple args to do nested iteration"}
{:name "clojure.core/frequencies",
:desc "map of # of distinct items in a vec"}
{:name "clojure.core/ns-map", :desc "symbol to vars"}
{:name "clojure.core/require",
:desc "takes a quoted list b/c it's a fn and not a macro like ns"}
{:name "clojure.core/apply", :desc "last arg must be a list"}
{:name "clojure.core/macroexpand-1", :desc "expands once"}
{:name "clojure.walk/macroexpand-all", :desc "recursive expand all"}
{:name "clojure.core/macroexpand",
:desc "expands top level macro recursively"}
{:name "clojure.core/deref", :desc "never blocks"}
{:name "clojure.core/pmap",
"parallel map, if process time is low, chunk up processes using detection-all"}
{:name "clojure.core/promise",
:desc "declaratively set with deliver, blocks"}
{:name "clojure.core/future",
:desc " with cached result + optional timeout"}
{:name "clojure.core/realized?",
:desc "checks on delays, promises, futures, lazyseqs"}
{:name "",
:desc "[children? children create-branch]"}
{:name "clojure.core/partition",
:desc "similar to enum chunking meth"}
{:name "clojure.core/with-meta", :desc "replace meta"}
{:name "clojure.core/vary-meta", :desc "assoc meta"}
{:name "clojure.core/subseq",
:desc "like find but only for keys of sorted dt"}
{:name "clojure.core/comparator",
:desc "converts pred fns to comparable fn"}
{:name "clojure.core/juxt",
:desc "((juxt a b c) x) => [(a x) (b x) (c x)]"}
{:name "clojure.core/and", :desc "like joining multiple ands"}
{:name "clojure.core/zipmap", :desc "like zip but produces map"}
{:name "clojure.core/merge-with",
:desc "merges maps with same keys given a function to merge values"}
{:name "clojure.core/update-in",
:desc "updates value given map, nested keys + fn"}
{:name "clojure.core/dissoc", :desc "can delete multiple keys"}
{:name "clojure.core/iterate", :desc "lazy seq of x, f(x), f(f(x))"}
{:name "clojure.core/list*", :desc "cons for multiple elements"}
{:name "clojure.core/next",
"produces nil for empty cases, less lazy as it checks head of nonempty tail"}
{:name "clojure.core/rest",
:desc "produces () for empty cases, max lazy"}
{:name "clojure.core/conj",
"list + vector adds elements in different places b/c of efficiency"}
{:name "clojure.core/->", :desc "arg gets inserted as first arg"}
{:name "clojure.core/->>", :desc "arg gets inserted as last arg"}
{:name "clojure.core/interpose", :desc "join(a).split(/\\s+/)"}
{:name "clojure.core/comp",
:desc "(comp a b c) = (a (b (c))) = opposite of ->>"}
{:name "clojure.core/apply", :desc "apply(fn [args]):*args)"}
{:name "clojure.core/partial",
:desc "partial(fn *args): #(apply fn *args *&)"}
{:name "clojure.core/fnil",
"sets default for a function expecting non-nil args used in clojure prob 2 as (hash[:key] ||= {}) << 2"}]
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