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@@ -26,11 +26,13 @@
:desc "anon include scoped to a namespace"}
{:name "clojure.core/reify", :desc "creates a protocol obj"}
{:name "clojure.core/for",
- :desc "list comprehension, cartesian product"}
+ :desc
+ "cartesian product, when wanting to destructure mapped items easily"}
{:name "clojure.core/condp",
:desc "generalized case where = fn can be anything"}
{:name "clojure.core/doseq",
- :desc "can take multiple args to do nested iteration"}
+ :desc
+ "can take multiple bindings to do nested iteration, has :let and other useful constructs that for has"}
{:name "clojure.core/frequencies",
:desc "map of # of distinct items in a vec"}
{:name "clojure.core/ns-map", :desc "symbol to vars"}
@@ -100,4 +102,8 @@
"can be easily recreated by passing range as an additional arg to map"}
{:name "clojure.core/as->",
- :desc "seems mainly for inlinining readable fns in threaded macros"}]
+ :desc "seems mainly for inlinining readable fns in threaded macros"}
+ {:name "clojure.core/into", :desc "convert pairs of vecs into a map"}
+ {:name "clojure.pprint/cl-format",
+ :desc
+ "a hard to read formatter which may be useful in certain scenarios"}]

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