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console_test.rb Fix bug when Hirb::Console#table is used without Hirb enabled.
dynamic_view_test.rb renamed test to it in tests
formatter_test.rb be restrictive with Formatter's to_a converison, to_a_exceptions -> t…
hirb_test.rb Eliminate File.exists? warnings
import_test.rb renamed test to it in tests
object_table_test.rb ObjectTable can handle objects that have :send undefined
pager_test.rb renamed test to it in tests
resizer_test.rb renamed test to it in tests
table_test.rb Adds :style option to TableHelper
test_helper.rb upgrade mocha deps to avoid require deprecation
tree_test.rb renamed test to it in tests
util_test.rb fix test for 1.9.3
view_test.rb fix specs for java, also make sure stty is called, despite tty? value
views_test.rb add test for previous fix
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