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Turnkey monitoring and metrics server

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Metron = Metrics + Monitoring

Create and manage an EC2 instance for collecting metrics across dev and QA environments.


Bootstrap your environment

. .rvmrc

Configure for EC2

You will need to drop 4 files into config. These files are in .gitignore so they will not be checked in.

  • access_key - AWS access key. Contents should be the access key, in text.
  • secret_key - AWS secret key. Contents should be your secret access key, in text.
  • identity.pem - Identity file used to log in. Contents will be an X.509 certificate.
  • key_name - File containing the name of an AWS key to use. Should correspond to the identity file.

I suggest making symlinks to your primary source for each of these. For example,

ln -s ~/.ec2/access_key.txt config/access_key
ln -s ~/.ec2/secret_access_key.txt config/secret_key

And so on.



./launch.rb Bootstrap and configure a new instance on EC2.

vagrant up Bootstrap and configure a virtual machine on your local box.


The Graphite GUI will be available on port 80 after boot. When using Vagrant, the GUI will be on port 80 of

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