Rip plugin to easily synchronize gem environments across ruby versions
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A rip plugin which rebuilds packages that have C extensions. Can be used manually or automatically with rvm's hooks. When used automatically with rvm, gem environments are easily synchronized across ruby versions!


rip install git://


Manually use it with any version switching tool:

$ rip install hpricot
installed hpricot (0.8.2)

# switch ruby version, could use any tool here
$ rvm use 1.9.1

# List all packages (across ripenvs) that need to be rebuilt for this ruby version
$ rip ext -l
# Rebuilds listed packages and symlinks the newly built ones
$ rip ext
Building extensions for hpricot ...

Automatically with rvm's hooks:

# Add a hook to be invoked each time we switch ruby versions
$ echo "rip ext -i" >> ~/.rvm/hooks/after_use

$ rip install hpricot
installed hpricot (0.8.2)

$ rvm use 1.9.1
info: running hook after_use
1 package(s) have extensions to build for this ruby version.
Proceed? [y]/n
# Entering return or y builds extensions as above
# Entering n, only packages with previously built extensions are symlinked
# Can always build extensions later with `rip ext`
# Only prompted to build if there are new extensions