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Yet another opinionated sinatra app bootstrapped with bootstrap. This one comes with haml, rspec and rack-test setup, a syncable bootstrap, a default layout and ready for heroku.


$ git clone git:// my_app
$ cd my_app
$ bundle install

App is named My::Application by default. Rename as desired (Yes, Sinatra::Application exists but screw top-level extensions).


# In dev
$ bundle exec shotgun
# In production
$ bundle exec thin start
# To herokuify
$ heroku create -s cedar && heroku open

Using bootstrap

Bootstrap files are available under public/bootstrap/{css,img,js}. The layout, views/layout.haml, points to those files. If you'd like to update public/bootstrap to the latest bootstrap version:

# Only do this once
$ rake bootstrap:init

# Run this every time
$ rake bootstrap:update

If lessc and uglifyjs are installed, the update task will compile the assets into a zip file. Otherwise, it'll use the prebuilt assets.


  • Replace git submodule with a temp clone
  • Setup airbrake with errbit
  • Setup coffeescript with testing
  • Gemify useful components as needed
  • Consider scss/less


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