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vim knowledge tabularized - search vim keys, options and more with great precision.
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Improve your knowledge of vim by precise searching of vim items: keybindings, options and commands. For example, keys can be searched by keystroke, mode, description or where they came from. This gem creates a vimdb database, ~/.vimdb.pstore, from your vim documentation. Tested with vim >= 7.2 on a mac. Works only on ruby 1.9.x.


# List keys with Ctrl
$ vimdb keys C-
| key           | mode | from                | desc                                    |
| 0 C-d         | i    | default             | delete all indent in the current line   |
| <C-End>       | i    | default             | cursor past end of fil                  |
| <C-End>       | n    | default             | 1  same as "G"                          |
| <C-Home>      | i    | default             | cursor to start of file                 |
| <C-Home>      | n    | default             | 1  same as "gg"                         |
| <C-Left>      | n    | default             | 1  same as "b"                          |

# List keys with Ctrl-A combo
$ vimdb keys C-A

# List keys with Esc key
$ vimdb keys E-

# List keys with Leader
$ vimdb keys L-

# List keys with no Leader - not of last search
$ vimdb keys L- -n

# List insert mode keys
$ vimdb keys -m=i

# List keys I've defined in vimrc
$ vimdb keys user -f=from

# Plugins are assumed to be in ~/.vim/bundle/ i.e. for pathogen
# Change with Vimdb.plugins_dir
# List keys from my plugins
$ vimdb keys plugin -f=from

# List keys from snipmate plugin
$ vimdb keys snipmate -f=from

# List keys that contain completion in description
$ vimdb keys completion -f=desc

# List options that contain window in description
$ vimdb opts window -f=desc

# List commands mentioning 'buffer' in any field
$ vimdb commands buffer -a

# Info about how vim items were made
$ vimdb info keys
$ vimdb info options

# For more
$ vimdb help


Configure vimdb with a ~/.vimdbrc, which is loaded before every command request. Use it to define additional commands. For an example, see my rc file.

Key Modes

Vim's key modes are represented as single letters

  • n: normal
  • c: commandline
  • i: insert
  • o: operation
  • v: visual
  • s: select

If you're unfamiliar with all these modes read about them in vim with ':h :map-modes'.

The following modes from :map were altered to fit into the above modes:

  • ! -> ci
  • l -> ci
  • x -> v
  • v -> vs


Wanted to learn faster than :help would let me.


See here


  • Add support for more vim items - variables, functions
  • Considering user annotation for vim items
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