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Explore the vast world of computational knowledge available for free via Wolfram's v2 API.


To install this gem:

gem install wolfram


You'll need a Wolfram Appid (api key) by creating an account here and then clicking on the 'Get an APPID' button.

Once you have your own appid, set it in your shell, preferably in your ~/.bashrc:


If you want to explicitly set your appid in a script:

Wolfram.appid = "YOURKEY"


Query away on the commandline!

# Calculate distance and travel time between places
wolfram from boston to new york

# Solve an equation
wolfram x^3 - 4x^2 + 6x - 24 = 0

# Find words ending with able
wolfram words ending with able

Regular ruby usage:

query = 'boston population'
result = Wolfram.fetch(query)
# to see the result as a hash of pods and assumptions:
hash =

For many more examples, see here.


  • Ian White is the original author of this gem.
  • @spaghetticode for HashPresenter
  • @bdigital, @emilesilvis for bug fixes


  • More tests!
  • A better inspect
  • Handle more api options including format
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