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IMPORTANT: ** Requires >= v1.1.0 configurator **

NOTE: Upgrading from < v1.11.0 will erase your configuration, backup via GUI and CLI before flashing.
NOTE: Some defaults have changed. Do NOT blindly restore your backups using the CLI.
NOTE: CLI get/set commands have changed. some variables are now set using OFF/ON instead of 0/1.
NOTE: Experimental PID controllers have been removed. Only MW23, MWREWRITE and LUXFLOAT remain.
NOTE: Openpilot bootloader support as been removed. Flashing CC3D's via GCS is no-longer supported. See docs.
NOTE: G-Tune not available on NAZE target, it didn't fit - latest development builds have G-Tune on Naze Target.


  • Improved flight performance.
  • Replaced AUTOTUNE with G-TUNE.
  • More robust SBUS and Spektrum support.
  • Failsafe improvements.
  • Mixer output mapping fixes.
  • I2C overclock feature.
  • Sonar improvements.
  • CLI usabiity improvements.
  • Removed less popular PID controllers - experimentation time is over.
  • Blackbox logging improvements and fixes.
  • USART1 can be used for SerialRX on F3 boards.
  • HoTT Telemetry improvements and fixes.
  • Support Naze32 Rev6.
  • Support RMRC DoDo target.
  • Many other fixes and general improvements.
  • More unit tests.
  • Documentation improvements.

Many thanks to the awesome Cleanflight developer and user community for their continued hard work, support and feedback.